IRL Name: Lori
Height: 6'2
Age: 29
Beliefs: Christian

Color: Purple
Animal: Cat
Foods: Cheese, fresh fruit and pasta
Tv Shows: Heartland, NCIS & The Walking Dead
Movies: Titanic, Beauty & the Beast, Tangled, Fast & Furious Saga, TLOTR Saga
Season: Srpring
Author: Karen Kingsberry
Games: TheSims4 (PC), WoW, ASE (ps4) & B&S (pc)

Current Affairs:
Now that the basics are out of the way, I'd like to say hello. -Waves-
Atm I am living back at home and recovering from surgery.
Once recovered I hope to return to my school work so that come next year I can travel before settling down for college. if you're curious, I'm wanting to study to become a social worker so that I can help others who struggle with mental health as I do!

On a personal note, I will say that I am currently 'single" HOWEVER I will make one thing plainly clear; I already have eyes for someone so please for the love of everything cute & fuzzy, DON'T ASK ME TO BE YOUR GF!!! -breathes- Cause I will obviously say no & block your a** should you persist.

If you havent noticed I am very forward/blunt by nature, however I do have many quirks, which you will discover should you choose to get to know me. However, I'll give you one for funzies. I'm uber bubbly, even to the point of being considered cute/childish. Best part? It can happen over the smallest things. LOL

any who, I'll be around if you want to chat! SEE YA!!! heart heart heart


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Bella Regina

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Bella Regina


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Swordsman of God

Report | 07/13/2015 6:27 pm

Swordsman of God

Need to talk to you -- I love you Sweet's
Swordsman of God
Swordsman of God

Report | 05/21/2015 9:00 am

Swordsman of God

Though I have my issues- Yes I am broken in more than one way - I am given more then JUST grace - I am given unconditional love and in this love I am taught to be greater and better than I have been- In reaching levels by this love that no normal human can dare to reach for- I am amazing not by my good looks or by how fast I am at being so called smart - I am amazing because I have answered a call that most are to afraid to answer- I am amazing because I am willing to LOSE ALL and die just so I can know more of the truth of the Love of God through Yashua/Jesus - Again I die daily- Again I cry out Lord I need you more than once more- And I look at the setting sun as the last one I will ever see in this mindset of my life- For in this Love is the power and truth to be alive as NEW and real- NOT! FAKE and LOST!
Morrigan Skylar

Report | 03/04/2015 4:04 am

Morrigan Skylar

U R very welcome... Glad U liked it... U have a good week s well.
Bella Regina

Report | 02/27/2015 12:34 pm

Bella Regina

Hi hi! biggrin
Epic night

Report | 10/30/2013 4:17 pm

Epic night

haha your welcome smile and yay! heart

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thank you!


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