Name: Miranda
Hair: blond
Eyes: Hazl
age: 13
Masters: Annoyed rather erasyily, and Kae42. (shared ownership)lol.

Flower: red rose
Boy: fun, funny, cute, kind.

Annoyed rather easyily and Kae42 r my sisie's. And Mexicanbabesrock is me bestes best friend in da WORLD! 4laugh I luv them all sooo much! he, i hope annoyed is in a good mood today. sweatdrop . BYE!
My Light

Happy thoughts cloud my mind.
Once was lost,
Once was blind.
But all that gone away,
Will have to wait another day.
He is here,
By my side.
I no longer walk a lonely stride.
He’ll light my way,
Guide me right.
I remember when our paths first crossed.
When the winter snow melted away,
I was getting warmer with his light.
This memory will never be tossed.
But I still will remember that day,
When I felt,
I could no longer feel this way.
When the beginning of a summer’s show,
Turned into the end of a wintry play.
When my first light,
Died away.


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I love you red solo cup.
I fill you up.
Let's have a party,
Let's have a party
I love you red solo cup,
I lift you up
Proceed to party
Proceed to Party!!!

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Hey! Come join our RP! We NEED PEOPLE!!!! Pluse you haven't been on in like, YEARS!!!!
Electrikk Attakk

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Electrikk Attakk

cool avi.

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Hi sissy! ^_^
cosplayer at random

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cosplayer at random

and you never get to see itachi, and I'll even make you listen to sakura talking about sasuke, and sasuke talking about stuff. and they're recordings, so you can't do anything to them.
cosplayer at random

Report | 09/08/2009 4:21 pm

cosplayer at random

do it or I force you to spend the rest of eternity locked in a room w/ naruto. And make you immortal so you can't die. and make him immortal so you can't kill him.
cosplayer at random

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cosplayer at random

cosplayer at random

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cosplayer at random

Fine. I'll just have to MAKE you. (um... do it or I steal Itachi?)
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cosplayer at random

but if kae unblocks her, she can fulfill her duties as an annoyance.
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cosplayer at random

nice. so what does that make my other account? (zangetsu fan ame13, in case you forgot)