Was a site mod from 2014-2017. I no longer handle TOS issues, but if you need a thread moved in any of the forums I assist in, just shoot me a PM

I've been around here since 05, though I've taken several long hiatuses inbetween. The Word Game forum, and all the awesome people I've met there are what keeps me coming back to this site.

I'm pretty laid back and I like meeting new people.

Also, I really like parrots. If you have pics or video of your pet parrot I'd love to see them!

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kefkadragon Report | 06/29/2022 6:08 am
I avoid all other social media platforms like the plague, but I do know Rickyisms are a thing on reddit and the like. I love the show, but have to take breaks between viewing sessions because it's so trashy lol .
kefkadragon Report | 06/28/2022 6:05 am
Because I was going to put in the headcanon thread something about how T-Bone from the Timmy item looks like an off-brand Julian in a suit, but decided not to since I don't think that many people know about it. Yes, it's on american netflix, but I don't think it's as popular outside of Canada. It's like the Red Green Show in that regard.
Shadow Belmonte Report | 04/20/2022 1:07 pm
Shadow Belmonte
Been doing good.
Mostly off of Gaia these days.
Seems most items made these days are for female avatars, and I'm usually broke anyway, plus listings for items are either too expensive, or non-existent.
I think the only time I really get on here is just to reply to PMs / Comments, or go to the Dev Meat.
I feel bad that I'm not that active any more.
But also with buying a Switch last year, I've been spending half the time with it - thanks, Pokemon, making me catch you all. emotion_awesome
Aside from that, I'm mostly on Howrse and PokeFarm Q and Discord these days.
Other than that, still working my same retail job, almost 15 years later. sweatdrop
Shadow Belmonte Report | 04/18/2022 4:22 pm
Shadow Belmonte
Thanks. @u@
How's it going?
Long time no talk!
XxSivanxX Report | 03/02/2022 12:56 pm
Rip X. You got me turnt up passing thru xd
Cherry Twizzlers Report | 02/07/2022 11:17 pm
Cherry Twizzlers
Cool avi heart
kefkadragon Report | 12/07/2021 6:19 am
It's the most american thing Canada's ever made lol Potatoes, gravy and cheese are three staples of midwest food
kefkadragon Report | 12/06/2021 4:44 pm
I might get some for my birthday next week. I haven't had it in a while and the dive bar near my house makes some really good stuff.
aura Report | 12/06/2021 2:50 pm
Happy birthday! yum_cupcake
Ultrabord Report | 11/25/2021 7:42 am
nice avi!


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