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Unusually dangerous, I trust you'll agree.



"I'm just your average evil meteor from outta the sky."
Voltaire - 'Brains'


If you want fun times for all the family then please visit my YouTube page:
Comments on my videos make me happy and I will send you much Good Karma if you leave one.

Also if you are in the mood for a larff, you may wish to check out my page:
I butcher such shows as Rocky Horror, Young Ones, Doctor Who, Mighty Boosh and the ever-popular Batman if you're interested.

My TekTek whorings:

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It's Vyvyan from The Young Ones! =O

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..And everyone's favourite hippy - Neil.

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..And Rick. ^_^

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Gene Hunt from Life On Mars/Ashes to Ashes. <3

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Frank N. Furter and a bad representation of Columbia.

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Batman's not-really-greatest (but we love him anyway) foe Riddler.


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Vanilla eXee Report | 04/23/2010 7:43 pm

Aww, they sound so cute!

Vanilla eXee Report | 04/20/2010 7:12 am
Cool! Another birthday buddy! And thank you! I used to have rats years ago. I quite enjoy them but Guinea Pigs are much more inclined to just nap in my lap while I'm online, making it easier to spend time with them.
Meefu the III Report | 04/11/2010 4:17 pm
Whee! Thank you!
Moonlight_Runner Report | 03/17/2010 1:22 pm
He has some stuff on his own myspace account and you can probably find stuff on youtube. It's really good though =]. You should definitly check it out if you haven't.
Moonlight_Runner Report | 03/17/2010 9:53 am
Yeah, 'Half A Life' would be pretty sucky for who the song is about ha. Also, 'Evelyn (Existing In A Car Crash)'..I really like that song too lol. I would hate to be on the bad side of Anthony Raneri though. Have you heard any of his solo work?
Moonlight_Runner Report | 03/15/2010 5:07 pm
Yeah lol. They actually signed to a different lable recently too.
Favorite song? Wow ha. I really don't have one. They are all my favorite. They just put out really solid and amazing work with every release that it's really hard to choose a favorite song. My favorite album is their self titled one though. What is your favorite song?
Moonlight_Runner Report | 03/15/2010 11:42 am
Heck yes! Bayside is amazing! lol.
Awww that's sad. Maybe they'll go over there soon again though =]. I heard they're releasing another album this fall.
eduardo galpaleano Report | 01/30/2010 1:32 pm
I came here to tell you that Vyvyan rocks socks and I love you for even knowing that show. :3
hi im tools Report | 01/27/2010 3:27 am

hi im tools Report | 01/27/2010 3:19 am

Your avatar is.


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