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Welcomes you to my profile. Straight jackets are by the wall, meds are in the boxes. Enjoy your stay, and please visit again!

Hello, and welcome to my profile. I have been a member of gaia since May '06, and if you don't recognize my user name it's because I've changed it. My original User name was Dragoncrystal2, I used to role-play daily, but now it isn't so frequent as I developed my own writing style. It's sad to say, but looking at some threads, while they seem interesting, I just can't muster anything up to ignite my muse to write.

So I've been on a Haitus, and currently back to role play some more. The only problem? I seem to have a curse of joining threads that die out within 2-4 weeks of my joining.... do I have bad luck or what?

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My account name is Count D 123 I role play at many threads, many i've made or my friends have made. or just complete strangers but I love to role play, i write a lot. I'm writing a story at the moment called "Blood Blossom" or that what it's called


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