Don't be fooled by my youthful good looks or playfully dressed avatar. I am over 25, not a teenager. Please keep that in mind when talking with me. Also, I am not on Gaia much, so I don't expect to be making any new friends- so no random Friend Requests, please.
Okay, onto my formal Charity Intro:

Hi! I'm the Costume Fairy for the Donation Fairies Charity Orgainization (Our official name and Guild is: the We Need A Name Charity.
Costumes, Monthly Items, Higher Priced Commons will be my responsibility within the Charity. I have taken over all non-junk clothing duties from FashionFey. She has left the Charity due to family issues.

The Charity (which doesn't even have a name yet! rolleyes ) is not technically up and running, but you may receive a "drive by donation" from one of the Fairies.

When it is officially open, I'll be in charge of taking your donations of high-end commons, uncommons & rares that you want to donate (how many prisoner's pants do you have now? LOL rofl ), and I will hold them until the Charity decides who they will donate the items to 3nodding It's a thankless job, but somebody's got to do it blaugh

We have a couple of new Fairies on patrol for all the different sorts of items that you don't want (aka junk LOL blaugh ):
The FairyofEvents will be in charge of taking your donations of Event and Quest items.
The FairyofFurni will be in charge of taking your donations of any furniture items (even the concrete walls- we're not picky whee )
The CommonFairy will be in charge of taking your donations of commons of any sort. As of right now, she is in charge of all the excess Daily Chance commons the other Guild Members get (helps us keep our inventories cleaner 3nodding and can help you, too! biggrin ).

If you ever want to send anything to me or any of the other Fairies for the Charity, please make sure to send a PM to let us know if you want to be listed as a donor or if you wish to remain anonymous.

We at the Charity know that many people WANT to help other Gaians, but don't because they don't want their PM boxes flooded with beggars. It is our wish to help you help others without compromising your own time on Gaia 3nodding

If you are looking for donations, there will be a specific Fairy to whom you should submit your PM with your request. Since the Charity is NOT YET ACTIVE, please hold on to your requests until it is open. I cannot stress that enough. If you send PMs with requests to any of the Charity Members right now, they will most likely get deleted because we simply aren't open for business yet. If you persist, you may end up on the Naughty List (which means you will NEVER be eligible for a donation from us EVER).

When we do open our doors, we will make sure to make a big announcement about it blaugh

Thank you in advance to all of you who wish to donate biggrin I do have a trading pass now, so you can send items directly to me. Or, you can send items using the Gift System if you wish to remain COMPLETELY anonymous due to the option to send a gift without your name 3nodding

Remember, be good... The Fairies are watching eek you smile


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Faeries Rule, Imps Drool razz ~~

I didn't even realize that I had a journal for the first year I was on Gaia :shock: I guess I just don't really have much to say :S


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Yeah voting just ended for that

I fell in love with that color scheme, it's a bunch of Fafnir items. I saw those little back wings and felt the need to make them into something. I'm very happy to know that you like it!

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