I Hate You
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Why yes, in fact I DO change my avi every ten minutes

uhh, I was born in 89, so whatever age that makes me.
I'm kind of a b***h (so I've been told) but I'm also the sweetest person you'll ever lay eyes on; go figure.
I'm sarcastic to a fault, but I don't know how to be mean to someone who is being nice to me.
I don't deal with gossip; If you didn't say it to my face, you never said it.
I don't deal with immaturity and I don't deal with BS
I love my friends; you Mess with them you Mess with me and love, I like it rough.
I'm a Christian; don't try and change it.
I'm a nerd; and you love me for it.
I'm kind of a Big Deal; my apartment smells of rich mahogany and, yes, I do have many leather bound books.
I used to be anorexic; I'm not ashamed, nor am I proud.
I'm a camera whore; get over it.
I rock face at Korean mmos; shh, it's a secret .
I love everyone until they wrong me without purpose; Lets be friends<3

also. I has a Deviantart<3

Proof <3

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Some kind of roller disco

What do you think this is?



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Report | 04/03/2019 7:58 am


My notifications indicated you had a birthday today.

Celebrate accordingly.
Ember Frog

Report | 04/02/2015 6:50 pm

Ember Frog


Report | 06/30/2013 6:00 am


cool avi ^_^
Ember Frog

Report | 04/02/2011 4:54 am

Ember Frog

*Huggles* Misschuu 4laugh
Hope you have a loverly day heart
smell my flowers kenneth

Report | 01/16/2011 10:19 am

smell my flowers kenneth

I'm 'bout to make myself a new one, but I can't decide!
Oh, do you need a haircut, by the way?
smell my flowers kenneth

Report | 01/16/2011 10:10 am

smell my flowers kenneth

This was an olllld avatar I changed into.
KH, yeah.
Tobias Suukino

Report | 12/15/2010 8:59 am

Tobias Suukino

OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH.. I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts, dedalydedaly, there they are a'standing in a row, bum bum bum.. biggrin

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I feel the same way i ******** hate cash shop i'm so poor becasuse i refues to spend real money

Report | 09/28/2010 2:08 pm


Cool avi.

Report | 09/01/2010 12:41 pm


wow! LOVE your avi! xp


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