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My Patrol Location

Day in the Life of Calvin hehe

Hey all! My name's Calvin and I like to think of myself as a highly esteemed and noble guard. Haha. What's that? You uh, saw me napping under a tree? Well to be fair that day it was hot at Bass'ken Lake. The muggy air can really wear ya down. I do work hard though. . .not that it makes me happy all the time. You see, sometimes this ax really does come in handy. I don't like to use it, but those animated monstrosities rampage the area too frequently. None of the other Regulars step up to do much, so I figured I would. You see, I'm a loyal Barton Town citizen. I knew Leon's Regulars were essentially all buddy buddy with him, but wanted to help. So, I practically begged and proved myself worthy after helping out with Lawnsharks.

I love dogs. Though heh, to be fair mine is the best one. wink I enjoy doing patrols. That's the best job you could get assigned to on duty. You get to stroll around and enjoy the scenery, sometimes. I'm always willing to help you out unless I'm dealing with some guy from Durem who thinks he's some prince. Psssh. Please. Anyway, if you see me strolling through the Zen Gardens, Gold Beach, or anywhere around Barton Town and its vicinity, give me a wave. I'll be sure to wave back. I'm pretty chill. I mean, I can be kind of spontaneous and reckless, but I assure you. . .I'm a total softie. My emotions can come off as strong and a lot of people claim I'm dumb, but I really do care. I have moments of brilliance sometimes. I like to think of myself as hilarious, but my coworkers tend to not agree. If you think I am. . .let me just say you have a bodyguard on all your trips through the Barton Town area. For. Sure.

I started patrolling zOMG! back in the early 2010's. I took a hiatus and returned for a little while and well, here we are today.

When it comes to being a Barton Regular, what matters most to me is helping people. I may not always do the work I'm assigned, but most of the time it's because I'm trying to keep people happy and safe on their adventures. I have to listen to the boss's orders, but. . .if I have to break them. . .maybe I will. Sometimes. . .I think the boss is hiding something and I don't mean Lawrence. I mean the guy above him. I have a bunch of bosses, but the one above Lawrence really doesn't want me helping out in Deadman's Pass or anything like that. I mean I still will because I want everyone content and leaving their quests with no harm done to them.What? I really care about people. . .is it really that odd?

The Regulars and I have been following some pretty suspicious activity surrounding the areas of Gold Beach and I think it has to do with the animated! Yup. I've been sent on patrols to Gold Beach and saw some shady folks jumping into the whirlpool and by shady, I mean...not normal Gaians. These people have been everywhere and have caused so much havoc. Heh. You can check out any details up in my journal.

Oh yeah! And one more thing! Gino Gambino can catch these hands!

(Now the real me, I'm a huge Fire Emblem fan. I'm still relatively new and what not, but I love FE:A a lot. Frederick is my fave from there with Henry and M!Morgan coming in close as well as F!Robin to be honest. So much sass. I'm all for the Blue Lions too in Three Houses. Sylvain is one of my precious babies. DImitri is wonderful. I used to be a huge Harry Potter nerd. I'm a Ravenclaw Thunderbird. I love writing and I love creating. I'm working on some stuff right now actually and I hope to have it all sorted out some time. . .hopefully. Oh Victor Lee and Jumin Han are beautiful. For sure. Haha~ Ian is my favorite NPC on this site. Rufus and the Overseer are great too. Gino is my least favorite, tied with the Sentinel. Please don't remind me of my Hetalia and Homestuck days. . .kay? Those were dark times. XD)

Everyday Chat

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Creeper Bonnie Report | 10/24/2020 10:02 am
Creeper Bonnie
Rondeau Banter Report | 10/17/2020 3:47 pm
Rondeau Banter
Just a dude who finds me attractive, I guess~ heart xd
Fazbear Entertainment CEO Report | 10/17/2020 1:09 pm
Fazbear Entertainment CEO
I will thank you for your happy birthday comment, but I sense your comment on my pizzeria is snarky. Perhaps I should dedicate an animatronic solely to you.
2nd Pain of Christmas Report | 10/16/2020 12:30 pm
2nd Pain of Christmas
Been around. I pop back in sometimes. Looks like this site is as good as dead though. It's a shame really. I've actually been pretty good oddly enough, considering the state the world is in. rofl
2nd Pain of Christmas Report | 10/10/2020 4:32 pm
2nd Pain of Christmas
Oh my f- You're still on! Dude! Happy tears!
Magic Marvel Report | 10/03/2020 5:09 pm
Magic Marvel
Thanks for the gift! You really didn't have to! heart
Truly Ridiculous Report | 09/20/2020 2:58 pm
Truly Ridiculous
I can help you. Chill.
Truly Ridiculous Report | 09/20/2020 2:57 pm
Truly Ridiculous
Truly Ridiculous Report | 09/20/2020 2:54 pm
Truly Ridiculous
You know what I meant! I don't play by your rules.
Truly Ridiculous Report | 09/20/2020 2:51 pm
Truly Ridiculous
You can send the server invite link via PM. Maybe do a chain post to reach more of us at once?

Barton Regular Adventures!

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Adventures of a Barton Regular

Hey it's Calvin! I'll be updating my journal with random scenes and adventures I may have witnessed or participated in!

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