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crazy Aunalicia RP! If you were from TM you may know me as Blooddarkfox.

Hello, my name is crazy Aunalicia. Not a lot to tell you about me.
RP = Name crazy Aunalicia, Age 29, Height 5"8.
I am a Demon. Not just one Demon but all. I'm for hell where my Father rules a house Under the King of hell. My Mother was something more. I did not really get to know her, be for she died by the hands of a man I know little about. After she died my father had to raise three children all by himself. Sadly only I stayed with him after a war tuck my little sister and brother from us. I only know what happened to my little brother who I have found after ten years. And now I look for my sister who I have heard has been tuck to a land I have never been to. So I now need to look for a Master who I may bond to look for her. When I am bound to a Master I must have souls so I may not die before then.

RP= Aunalicia, Age 29, Height 6"1.
So what can I tell you about me that won't get you killed? My name is Aunalicia, and I come from the family. Yes, the Mob family, the one you don't want to cross. I am next in line to take the power from my father. There are ten of us that he call's his children. But only two of us are blood. My brother who is younger comes after me. I being the first kid comes first in the line of power. We have a big family and do what we want when we think it will help the family. Our father is sick and will die soon, so I must get all my thing in line to take over soon. I will need men, or women to help me in this. Ones that I can trust! If you are interested let me know.

RL = Name Rebecca, Age 29, Height 6"1, and Bisexual.
I love to Rp, draw, and watch anime.
I'm Married in RL too. I have a sister and brother that are on here that are blood. My hun knows I am Bisexual and is fine with that.
Want to know more just ask.

Likes cat_3nodding

Cat's, dog's, Demons and Fox's!
Game's, Anime, Cosplaying, Rp!
And a lot more

Dislike burning_eyes

People that think they can get away with anything.
People that try to hurt my Loved ones.
People that cross my path.

~Bask in ray's of the sun, for the coldness of the night, will soon be upon you.

Be not but afraid, for I'm one of the evils that Rome within the Darkness.

For your soul will be mine on this night of death and sorrow.

Call out to the Father, to whom you have known you're hole life.

But to no surprise does not call back.

For now, the life that once was you'res is mine to take.

Cry, yell, and try to run.

But I will get you, no matter where you may go.

For as long as there is darkness I will be there.



Ending your human life!!~


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Jd bullet Report | 06/05/2017 6:23 pm
Jd bullet
Hey Girl long time. Hope your doing good. And your Brother is being an a** hat to me. crying
HarleyQuinnQueenHearts Report | 04/02/2017 4:42 pm
Hello I'm your other sister huggles how are you now
Fierce Noble Wolf Report | 02/20/2017 6:40 pm
Fierce Noble Wolf
You have been on here a lot, I'll still be your dad
EATINGASS2KFOREVER Report | 02/20/2017 4:29 pm
No problem at all, life is more important hehe >.<
Fierce Noble Wolf Report | 02/20/2017 8:41 am
Fierce Noble Wolf
I don't know what you want me to be anymore, father or not cause you haven't even answered me, I messaged you alot an been comment but you have said nothing, its confusing me, if you dont wanna talk then ok, delete me but if not then let me know something please cause I am very confused
Mr Kittey Report | 02/18/2017 8:11 am
Mr Kittey
o: Sorry to pester you again on this but do you remember the name of the Squid girl?
EATINGASS2KFOREVER Report | 02/12/2017 5:20 pm
Hey gurl, it's me spooky scary skeIetons, how have you been?
Fierce Noble Wolf Report | 01/30/2017 7:50 pm
Fierce Noble Wolf
Join me on chat?
Fierce Noble Wolf Report | 01/26/2017 8:50 am
Fierce Noble Wolf
Hey smile
Fierce Noble Wolf Report | 05/06/2016 4:43 pm
Fierce Noble Wolf
Loves you to sweetie biggrin
Zia Tia Mia
cosmos senpai
Jd bullet
Jazkat Toll
Zephos the wanderer
Cosmic senpai
lady Frostine

Little Sister's





All are mine but for one that all I did was edit.

This is the one I edited.

Edited on paint.net

Let me know what you think about my artwork. And if you would like to see more on my page!

If you would like to be in my Mob family on here let me know! And on what you want to be!!

This one I made for my real sister.


Made her for my Sis.

My Hun, Our cat Oz, and I.

If you would like,
to be in,
our club/group,
on facebook,
let me know.
We are small,
but we try to get,
new members.
Info on the page.


Good friends

We are hoping to see if we will be growing our family soon. I hope it will.

Monster In Me

When I saw you, I could feel my heart becoming yours. A feeling that made me want you. It was as if I was on fire and I yearned for you. I remember the touch of your warm flush on mine. It was as like we where not living in that cold forest. Trying to survive in that harsh environment. I told you I would not go back to what I once was. I knew it scared you to see me like that. I tryed, but I just could not. You saw me as a MONSTER. I'am sorry. . . I tryed. . I really did. Please don't go. . . PLEASE STAY.

Monster In Me 2

Darkness all around, I can't see. Cold? A feeling of something cold pressed up against me. I call your name, but you do not answer me. A small amount of light peers through an opening. I look over right next to me where you lay. Cold flush pressed up against me. It is you! Your lifeless body lying against mine. Your as cold as a winter's day, as pella as snow, you eye so empty and dry blood on your throat. Oh God did I do this? I knew I was a monster, that I was capable of harming people. But I did not think I could hurt you. The one I love. My hope. My world. My live. I should not have persuaded you to come back to me. I'm so sorry. Please forgive me. PLEASE!