If a picture paints a thousand word then why can't I paint you? The words will never show the you I've come to know.

Hi, I'm Yaunie! I love music and art. I plan to be in the animation career track (as a storyboard artist, a character designer or a concept artist or all three). I'm also studying music mainly as a clarinetist and I kinda suck, but I'm trying, man! I also play piano, guitar, dabble on the baritone horn a little, and I sing.

My style, when it comes to clothes is a mix of Punk, Prep and Geek. I actually made up my own style, NDP, to show off exactly what I'm into. I like wearing layers of socks (legwarmers over socks over knee/thigh socks over tights), hats, lots of jewelry. Check out my polyvore for more of my style!

Crossland High is my alma mater. I graduated in 2012. I just graduated from Frostburg State University. Finally! Class of 2017 ~.o I just turned 22!! (my birthday is the 24th of December ^O^) I do accept donations! Believe me... donate it up O.O DONATE. IT. UP. eek

First Dream Avi Completed

^^^Completed. Only thing donated - Elemental Wings. By who? Catastrophic Beauty

MAIN Dream Avatar

Item List:
Bullet the Puppy
Heroes Eclipse
Lumiere Noire
Gold Pocket Watch
Noel's Gift 2nd Gen.
Purple Sequin Sandals
Black Big Giant Glasses
Lacy Pink Beach Umbrella
Pink Big Giant Glasses

Bullet the Puppy donated by Estacea ((much thanks))

Other Dreams Completed:

User Image - Completed sometime in late 2013

User Image - Completed sometime in early 2014