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Hi! I'm Cory, and I'm just your average Gaian, I love socializing, and meeting people. Just drop me a PM/Comment, and i'll be sure to get back to you!

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Things you should know about me:

Currently living in: St. Johns, Newfoundland, Canada
I love learning languages. I can currently speak English, Français, and , I'm currently studying Any help is appreciated! :D. Thank you! Mierci! , and
99% of my favorite music isn't even english
My favorite activities are probably just hanging out, watching a movie, and chilling with my friends <3
I've got 3 piercings, and 1 tattoo
I love listening, so, if you ever need someone to just talk to, PM me, and I'll be an open ear, a shoulder to cry on, whatever you need =)


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10k10k 2 Report | 04/07/2011 10:40 am
10k10k 2
Lolzo, It was pretty cute. heart
10k10k 2 Report | 04/06/2011 5:04 am
10k10k 2
OK, go to Facebook and look in my "Nerd's R us" folder. There's a few pictures of the cat thing that went down. It was the April fools event! I can't believe you missed it! lol
10k10k 2 Report | 04/05/2011 12:38 pm
10k10k 2
Ahhh, did you miss the cats?
10k10k 2 Report | 03/27/2011 2:58 pm
10k10k 2
heart heart heart heart heart
master kavi Report | 03/08/2011 12:55 pm
master kavi
Not everything. You'd make a pretty good door-stop.
master kavi Report | 03/08/2011 12:33 pm
master kavi
Lucky little b*****d that you are. :O
master kavi Report | 03/06/2011 5:01 pm
master kavi
Haha. Yeah, thought so. Tis the most common of the tongues, I believe. Its so epic how you learn languages so well. >.<
master kavi Report | 03/06/2011 10:13 am
master kavi
Well done. Are there not like a bloody slew of Chinese dialects?
master kavi Report | 03/03/2011 7:22 pm
master kavi
Haha. Yeah, thankfully you don't. I thought whoever did it was a total ******** nut job. 0.o
Also, what is that other language you are trying to learn?
master kavi Report | 03/03/2011 6:37 pm
master kavi
Ahhh. Brilliant. You know, the first time I saw rainbow text I thought that the typer had just sat there and randomly coloured small sections of everything they wrote. I thought that for years.

A Little More About Me

I didn't just choose these colors cause they're pretty. I'm out and Proud. Just thought you should know. kthxbai ^_^


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