[b:c433734e12]Thank you, Gaia Online, for this four years of fun[/size:c433734e12]
[i:c433734e12]Maybe we will meet again[/i:c433734e12][/size:c433734e12][/b:c433734e12][/align:c433734e12]


Hello there!

Welcome here! Sadly, I am not on Gaia Online anymore, so we won't be able to meet here.

If you want to contact me, feel free to visit me on my deviantART account for short stories and my deviantART account for long stories. Those accounts are for literature in Spanish, so, if you don't know anything about Spanish, I suggest you visit Schwertlilie on deviantART and 101l on deviantART, two accounts of two wonderful artists: My girlfriend Ban and Lin, a great friend of both

You want gold, I want art. You and me are friends right now