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Name - E

f*cking epic win:

Today, I was setting up my laptop's fingerprint scanner. It worked, but in the name of science, I decided to put my penis on it to see if it could recognize it. When I was trying to login via my penis print, my mom walked in. FML

Fact: Slaves were only captured in hopes of synthesizing a serum that will give white men our dick sizes.

((This plan of course failed, and they made us pick cotton))

Corrupter of Words

metal is classified by the intensity of the guitar, the amount of "anti-governemnt" and anti-soicial stuff they use.
killswitch and bfmv i understand, but the rest are metal. lol

... Please tell me you're a troll.

BK Crown
btw i hold a hockey record. I'm the only guy to take his skate off and try to stab somebody.

Dissonance II

So running it in safe mode did the same thing.
What now?
Start in panic mode ---> Throw USB devices at it as hard as you can until it starts working.

Sexual Terrortits
Thats MRS. TerrorTITS to you, you monument to fagocity, you testament to the downfall of man, you slime among scum not fit to grace the green earth yet still you perpetuate like the metaphorical virus that is not content to merely gestate in its own filth but wishes to procreate as well.

Also, your mother.

Sexual Terrortits
Sexual Terrortits
but then he stopped playing and started singing, and the percussion slowed down... and that's why I'm not a blues fan.
You're a b*tch.

Yeah... I am. I'm also a c*nt.
If you're a c*nt, then you smell like bad ocean and have twice as many crabs.

bagged and boarded
Bagged and Boarded] Lee:h
71x7639b:17="Bagged and Boarded] Lee heart


Jimjoo Boombox
A simple hug and "I'll miss you" to an introvert is like Titanic to a 13 year old girl.

"All the wrong people remember Vietnam. I think all the people who remember it should forget it, and all the people who forgot it should remember it."
-Michael Herr, 1989

"From wicked minds come wicked games In wicked places during wicked times Love is not that strong today A wicked mind can lead you astray Charismatic images scientific faith Global paradigms are trying times Everyone is in a hurry today We are all looking for an easy way Love that you need Dwells in the temple of your heart Truth that you seek Lies in the altar of your belief Freedom that you want Is within the walls you've built Peace that you long Is in the pillars of your mind"

"What is a television apparatus to man, who has only to shut his eyes to see the most inaccessible regions of the seen and the never seen, who has only to imagine in order to pierce through walls and cause all the planetary Baghdads of his dreams to rise from the dust. "
-Salvador Dali

Un dia se fue despacio,
Como abrazando al olvido.
Con un poco de tabaco
Y una limosna de vino.

No hubo ni llanto ni duelo
Por Rosa Leyes, el indio.
Su muerte, toda la vida
Se la fue llorando el mismo.


Art that people have made me

By Tim
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By Jeremy
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By Heavier Than Satan
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By Jeremy
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Pirate's Gospel

While some folks row way up to heaven
I'm gonna sing the pirate's gospel
I'm gonna sow these feet for dancin'
I'm gonna keep my eyes wide open

Yo ho yo ho
Yo ho ho
Yo ho yo ho ho
Yo ho yo ho
Sing the pirate's gospel

Add another flame
To our forest
Where big bellied whales
Keep us chanting
We're slapping fireflies
For tiny dancers
Where the children creep
Until the morning
When the sun does seep
Into our bare flesh
Until the fingernails
Will take us home

Yo ho yo ho
Yo ho ho
Yo ho yo ho ho
Yo ho yo ho
Sing the pirate's gospel

While some folks pray
Their path to Jesus
We're gonna sing
The pirate's gospel
We're gonna sow
Our feet for dancing
We're gonna keep
Our eyes wide open
We're gonna sing
The pirate's gospel
We're gonna chant
The pirate's gospel
You'll find us clap
The pirate's gospel

Yo ho yo ho
Yo ho ho
Yo ho yo ho ho
Yo ho yo ho
Sing the pirate's gospel
Sing the pirate's gospel


When the time comes to leave,
just walk away quietly,
and don't make any fuss.


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Wrath of the War Elephants...