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I'm gay.

Name's Felix (he/him), I'm 26. Also, obviously anime/game loving trash. You can often find me with my best friends lCHlMATSU and Chooki Mason. I like meeting new people, but don't post too much.

Formerly KIRISHLMA, Kono Dio da, Zelda Namine 3.

3 time avatar cosplay arena winner, 29 time runway winner!

~*I may or may not put my avatar in cosplay*~


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Kamui Report | 10/10/2023 8:17 pm
Hecc yee! I can't wait until male Alear gets an alt since he's the last one to get it~ (Oh wait did Kris get one???)

Joker-san isn't on much due to work but I figure it would be fun! ^ - ^ I haven't been back home since Feb so seeing my friends is nice!

Oh man I feel that! I bought a sketchbook recently to get back into drawing myself~ Spoopy drawings always sound fun! ^ - ^
Kamui Report | 10/10/2023 4:59 pm
Ayy! His alt is so damn cute! ;w; I love it! Ready for spook season for real! (Also Joker-san is working on his costume, too! -excite noises-)

I came back home so my best bud and I are going to try to wander for trick or treat just to have some fun tho! I hope that you guys will have a fun spooky month, too! > u <
Kamui Report | 10/09/2023 6:20 pm
It's been a bit but I wanted to lurk by and say hey! emotion_yatta

Halloween FEH gang yeee! whee Also I hope you've been doing well~
Kamui Report | 05/05/2023 10:54 pm
I just like sharing him! whee He's my precious friend and sharing his cuteness with others makes me happy!
He's a sleepy lad most of the time but what cat isn't lol!

I mean I want to replay Xenoblade DE after Engage and TOTK (and Fates on the side) but Shulk is one of my favorites as you can tell xD (My buddy's namesake~)
I honestly adore his timeskip design! He's absolutely lovely! emotion_kirakira The trailer for the DLC made me think that he just had the short hair....but as soon as I saw Twitter leaks - mind blown! lol
The second game is not my thing due to the fanservice and how Pyra and Mythra act....It's a me issue tho mind you. I just dislike really big breasted girls because my of dysphoria issues.
(Also because of my abusive transphobic ex I mentioned that only liked me for my bigger bust. Yuck. emotion_puke )

Tho I like the fact that Zanza/ Klaus gets mentioned in 2 - so that helps with a lot of my AU stuff. TLDR I pair Pit with Shulk - it's a guilty pleasure rare pair I adore.
With the whole ALBW tidbits my husband and I have done, Pit has a counterpart Aries who is paired with Klaus. But that AU is a long story in itself xD
My point is that I find Klaus / Zanza a neat character tho as he WAS the reason why all of Xenoblade happened....technically. Not saying spoilers for the DLC in 3 but like I think Klaus was manipulated imho.

Same here! whee I spent so many hours on BOTW! emotion_kirakira Both the Wii-U and Switch versions. (I had the Wii-U one before I decided to get a Switch mind you)
Exploration in games is something I really enjoy~ Getting lost in the worlds and learning the lore and cultures is really interesting and neat!
Joker-san (hubby) made mention "doesn't this give you Valla or Skyworld vibes" and I was just like...."bruh..." cuz it really does! (Also Era of the Sky duh)
Kinda like "ehhhh" that some salty Kotaku person leaked a lotta the game recently, but I'm trying to ignore stuff like that for now. (Unless I get stuck somewhere.)

I'm wondering if the amiibos will give some cute costumes again, too! I honestly loved the Hero of the Skies attire! (My favorite Link personally) But I'd love to see an actual Ravio attire instead of his hood...this IS the 10th anni for ALBW!
Kamui Report | 05/03/2023 9:34 pm
I feel you on that. ;w; Sharing some Shulkie goodness on your end cuz my buddy is a sweetie. c:

I recently celebrated 2 years since he's come into my life and I just like sharing my little buddy with others! Speaking of Xenoblade - in a sense - did you see Shulk's new design for the DLC?
I have not gotten the 3rd game yet mind you but like I've seen it on Twitter and Youtube recently! He looks so cool tho! emotion_kirakira
Also are you excited for Tears of the Kingdom this month? surprised I'm pretty hyped - I know Joker-san (my husband) is as well lol! I'm just gonna yeet his birthday present at him early so we can both play it xD
Kamui Report | 05/03/2023 2:56 am
Heyo! I wanted to lurk by and wish you a happy birthday! whee

Also my apologies for not keeping in touch for awhile - but I hope that you've been well!
Gorondorf Report | 01/16/2023 7:12 pm
Yeah... I started on my portfolio right before Halloween sweatdrop But I'm almost finished! I need to include my motivation letter and a few scans from my sketchbook and it's ready to be sent in with my application.
Gorondorf Report | 01/14/2023 11:44 am
I'm doing a little bit better compared to a few months ago c: I'm currently working on my art portfolio for the art academy. I might even start an art shop on gaia soon o:
Gorondorf Report | 01/12/2023 8:34 pm
Hey! How's it going? c:
Gorondorf Report | 01/01/2023 1:35 am
Happy new year! User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.


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