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I'm gay.

Name's Felix (he/him), I'm 26. Also, obviously anime/game loving trash. You can often find me with my best friends lCHlMATSU and Chooki Mason. I like meeting new people, but don't post too much.

Formerly KIRISHLMA, Kono Dio da, Zelda Namine 3.

3 time avatar cosplay arena winner, 29 time runway winner!

~*I may or may not put my avatar in cosplay*~


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Gorondorf Report | 01/16/2023 7:12 pm
Yeah... I started on my portfolio right before Halloween sweatdrop But I'm almost finished! I need to include my motivation letter and a few scans from my sketchbook and it's ready to be sent in with my application.
Gorondorf Report | 01/14/2023 11:44 am
I'm doing a little bit better compared to a few months ago c: I'm currently working on my art portfolio for the art academy. I might even start an art shop on gaia soon o:
Gorondorf Report | 01/12/2023 8:34 pm
Hey! How's it going? c:
Gorondorf Report | 01/01/2023 1:35 am
Happy new year! User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Prince Corrin Report | 11/14/2022 12:49 am
Prince Corrin the thing about him being a stereo-typical anime perv was the that's interesting and really ******** dumb then. o n o;
So Zero is more of a sadist than a pervert more than anything? I've seen a lot of JPN comics of him seemingly sexually harassing other members of the army...
So I'm trying to understand all of it. Like most of it really is NoA's meddling with his character? Then JPN just doing that for laughs I suppose?

That makes so much sense! So he's kinda like Joker in terms of dealing with those abandonment issues. Like both of them have defensive mechanisms where they act completely different.
Now if this is an NoA thing, please tell me, but like even Odin/Owain points out that Joker is bipolar in one of his supports with Felicia. So my point being that they're both mentally unstable.
Thus they use different methods of coping to get through trauma. Honestly that makes a lotta sense - as someone who has gone through abandonment and a tone of abuse, I have my own ways of coping.

As mean as it is, due to anti-LGBT Christians, my husband and I (who both are "odd" as Ren like a femmy boy and I'm a transguy) seem to freak out the "normies"
When it happens, Ren just kinda sorta likes being a dickhead in response. I'm the same way since the s**t I went through with Michaela (my transphobic ex) but I am more passive aggressive.
....unless it's my ex or people she knew then well I'm a bit of a jerk. (Hey having your number doxxed and then being told that I'm gonna get murdered was not fun lemme tell you.)

I digress on all that - also to expose how much of a POS she was as she acts like an "uwu soft gurl." But last I checked rapists aren't "uwu kawaii I can do nu wrong." ******** off xD

....uh-huh...what you just said is PERFECT HOLY HELL! A LOT of KamuZero shippers on the net and fandom REALLY DO make it worse.
Mostly the ship is just sexual s**t of ******** Kamui or being uber lewd with him. Lewds are A-OK but like when you MOSTLY see 90% of your ship being porn it gets really annoying really ******** fast.
Like there ARE some sane KamuZero folks I've seen on Twitter but there's tons and tons of just r34 content. Again, nothing wrong with that but variety is the spice of life, damnit!

That's why I adore JoKamu because I've seen a ton of wholesome art - with BOTH Corrins. And again I have loved this pair since release and even more as hubbu cosplays Joker irl.
(Picture a Wild Link hair color blonde Joker lol xDDD He usually uses his irl hair since it's long enough. Doesn't dye it due to bad reactions to hairdye and skindye. He's tried both with Halloween Joker and it really ******** him up.)
Prince Corrin Report | 11/14/2022 12:42 am
Prince Corrin
I totally feel that! whee Like I also enjoy seeing other folks - like Youtube creators - that have been making little video essays on characters no one's taken a second glance at.
FEMSPaint is the YT'er I spoke of in other comments and the one I'm mentioning atm! Like he covers a lotta older characters and some new ones, too!
That's how I found out about the Hannerman stuff. I mean I knew of some of his support convos as I tried to get as many supports as I could in FETH but the Black Eagles one with El made me go "WTF."
Same case with Mercie and Emile. The fact that the adopted father wanted to do that is just so sick and twisted. No wonder why Emile killed him. Hell, it's even darker that in the ending where Mercie dies before the timeskip, it's said that she's kinda "sold off" to be married to some noble person or something....ew.
Fodlan's systems are pretty ******** up honestly...again it's no wonder why El wanted to try and change it. All the pain and suffering many go through because of crests is gross.

Eyuuup! Think about it, Anankos was controlling Garon's body. He could have transferred some of his abilities onto Garon's possessed body.....
So just to ******** with this small child that he hates so much, he just puts him through hell. That's how I see it at the very least.
I can kinda imagine that he'd have some form of PTSD from it but not being able to find the direct root cause of it cuz his memories get wiped - at least til Chapter 5 ofc but you get the general idea.
Ryuki was saying that the doggo twins probably get really upset when this happens as they do shapeshift into their other forms to try and protect him but get badly beaten.
By extension, Joker also gets into a lot of trouble by trying to hide the prince when Garon tries doing these routine mind erasing sessions.
And thus that probably cause a lot more trauma for Kamui to realize later down the line and it probably fills him with a lot of guilt.
Shoulda, woulda, coulda but like for real.....all these possible theories and ideas just make all of it so damn interesting!

-cutting this just incase- =w=
Prince Corrin Report | 11/14/2022 12:24 am
Prince Corrin
Oh and on the note of Joker, we had discussed that maybe Jakob was his real name and he abandoned that name because he hated it so much.
I think that would make sense to put it in there! And yes lol! Doggos make Joker tsundere. Calling them "Mutts." Bonking Wolf Ryuki for being a "dumb dog" and lewding the prince at the wrong times.
But then again consider Joker's also like lowkey that probably plays into it. o w o;;; But the prince hates to see them fighting and usually pouts at them and ignores them until they stop xD So they yield.

Yeah that's what I thought, too. Tone down the mini game. Not to the extent where it was in the NoA release but like if it's touching a girl's chest - it coulda been taken out or like touching other areas also is the same case.
I honestly dunno. Like yes we Westerners tend to be "overly sensitive" but like it IS kinda dumb. I know for some it's a trigger to sexual abuse - as some cases it happens for me, but most that complained about Fates weren't gamers at all anyway... stare

That's what aggravated me. Like how I noticed in the JPN version, Camilla wasn't as bad or thinking that Kamui "couldn't live without her" like she says in the NoA version.
Yeah the "cow princess" jokes are still here as JPN and NoA fans joke on her. I get why since she is kinda flanderized into "I want to suck Corrin's d**k" and nothing else... emotion_facepalm
And we can't forget Xander. How he was bastardized in the story overall. Idk if JPN was different but NoA....oh lord. Warriors fixed this at least that I've played. I've logged in a lotta hours so I think that I know a decent bit?

Yes! Just let the goobers have fun! Like how my buddy, Ashen Demon, commissioned this cute piece of Byleth and Corrin~
Like I'd see them being starry-eyed and amazed with the world around them if they were to partake in holidays like this. They never really got to experience a lot of things as it's implied in Fates, FEH, Warriors and even a manga and drama cd.
Thus why it's aggravating to me because the potential was there but....NOPE! "Let's focus on the fanservice instead." OTL

Dude I wish that was the case T __ T Since some folks aren't able to get the FE pass or don't want their credit cards tied to google's playstore. So why not have that option for those that are not able to?
I'm hoping that there aren't any other Corrin alternates for awhile then or that will break me. Or same goes for another Joker alt - but that's more unlikely.

-cutting in case-
Prince Corrin Report | 11/14/2022 12:12 am
Prince Corrin
Hecc yee! It explains that Kamui and Kana are a duo meaning name and thus that 's why they're called that in the JPN version.
I read that in the Joker blog and I was like "Woah! That's heccin' neato!" And again it's lost on translation. Same with Ryouma's JPN name.
Yes one letter difference however the JPN lettering is like for a specific type of lobster he's based off of - thus where the lobster memes came from. Now I knew of the meme but not the name!
Same with Kazahana - meaning snow flurries as she was born in the winter time. That's what I remember anyway. Like I'm just saying some name changes were really weird.
As I was saying to Ryuki-san (my buddy I mentioned) it's like "NoA took the 4Kids approach." Which is kinda true tho. O.o

LOL yes xDD Like we added to the story so Ima just give like a backstory thingy for the rest of this comment~

So sometime after Kamui was kidnapped and sent away to be imprisoned, he met Joker who was already being forced to work there.
Kamui would usually sneak Joker into his room at night because Nohr is a lot colder than Hoshido...The prince didn't care if he got in trouble or not. Gunther would cover for him sometimes if he was able to.
Ren (hubbu), Ryuki and I figured that he didn't have proper sleeping quarters either since the staff treated him like s**t.
An undetermined amount of time later, Wolfskin-Kitsune twins (the Ryukis) were kidnapped and were used in a similar situation like Flora and Felicia.
Because both doggos were malnourished, they were a lot smaller. (They're older than Kamui but younger than Joker) Kamui would ask Gunther and Xander to sneak them raw meat.
It was also because of him and Joker that the doggo twins sorta learned how to walk in their wolfskin and kitsune forms - think of stumbling puppies.
Kamui is like that loving doting parent that cheers on the pups and gives them tons of snuggles! Thus later down the road, the doggos become mega loyal and they tend to bite staff that abuses the prince or Garon/Anankos. (Which usually turns out really badly.)

-cutting off her in case-
Ashen Demon Report | 11/10/2022 2:56 pm
Ashen Demon
Hi c:
Prince Corrin Report | 11/03/2022 8:47 pm
Prince Corrin
Oh and in terms of the childhood stuff Corrin endured, as I was working on the AU with Ryuki, we have it that Joker and the doggos also got beat up for protecting him.
And then there's headcanons I read awhile back -I forget the timeframe tho- where Corrin probably had endured memory erasing (due to magic) multiple times since he recalls the Hoshidans and the retainers act spooked when he brings it up.
Like lowkey they fear him getting abused again due to recalling his old that was the vibe I got anyway based on how the person explained it.
Just a lot of interesting ideas to think about honestly because I think that would be plausible. He says he doesn't remember his Hoshidan siblings...or his mother....even though they remember him.

Honestly I feel the same way. Like he doesn't like being touched. Like ok I only see him being "touchy feely" if it's like the Wolfskin or Kitsune cuz floofy fur, but he'd only be like that with his spouse.
I think I told you stuff about me on Discord, but due to what my ex had done to me, I don't like being touched either. So I kinda sorta base a lotta my headcanons for Corrin from my own experiences.
Especially as I read more of the supports to get a feel for his character and it's like "Bruh...." as I've gone through similar in my life. So like only being huggy with someone that's close to you is something I think would be perfectly suitable for his character.
As for my AUs, he's really affectionate towards Joker and the Ryuki twins (also Ren, Goro, Byleth and Cloud in the other Smash related AUs) due to them being so close with him.

I have a LOT of Corrin related AUs lol! So like a lotta em are sad/angsty as they cover a lotta topics to help me get past a lotta PTSD stuff that still lingers in my head - thank you, a*****e ex. .w.
But yeah like covering these things helps me process them and then it also builds for the AU so win win =w=b

A lotta peeps were pissed that Cyrus/Silas and Joker weren't LGBT units.....look I get people like Zero, but not everyone does. And those that were pissed that he was the LGBT option have a right to be upset...Especially with how Zero acts like the token perv - het or gay. And he reminds me of my abusive ex so no thanks...


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