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Birthday: 07/11

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gaia_nitemareleft "nothing is more frightening than a fear you cannot name." gaia_nitemareright

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if you've somehow managed to stumble upon my page, I welcome you! gaia_kittenstar also if you have, then I am surprised at your amount of curiosity and courage for my page really has nothing interesting on it. .w.

gaia_angelleft a bit about me: gaia_angelright

name: I prefer not to reveal it so please call me kat uvu
age: 17
zodiac: ♋ cancer [july 11]
hobbies: I like to draw and color alot, both digitally and traditionally tho I prefer digitally uvu I also eat lots of ramen and takis it's almost unhealthy, and I as well like to laze about and play rpgs and shooters and basically any game that catches my interest. c:
some of my interests: galaxies and/or astrology and stars and s**t, homestuck, pokemon, dangan ronpa, attack on titan, OFF by mortis ghost, tf2, borderlands, skyrim, minecraft, terraria, saints row, portal, and a bunch of others I can't remember to name ;u;

I really don't know what else to say here ;w; if you have any questions don't be afraid to ask! emotion_bigheart I may be shy but I can be friendly once you get to know me ;v;

also I am a n00b at games yes

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gaia_crown thanks for visiting!! yum_puddi

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