Hi~ I decided to cosplay Corniche from FMA because she's my favorite character (next to Edward and Roy). If you wanna know more about ME not Cony: animefan6894

Well, I'm new to role-playing and I'm not really sure how it's done so don't expect me to be in-character all the time. Though I like to role-play Cony (Hong Kong and China also) ^^ Oh, and...

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Ed and Roy are my favorite characters in FMA! heart (Thanks for the art, Sadie!)

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Though at the moment, I'm loving Hetalia: Axis Powers a lot more heart Hong Kong to be specific. England and China too~~


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(more emotions coming soon)

Full name: Corniche R. Royce
Nickname: Cony
State Alchemist Name: Alchemist of Tuning
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Hobbies: Darts & Alchemy
Specialty (Alchemy): Healing
Hair Color: Orange
Eye Color: Same as hair
Height: Taller than Ed >D By a few inches.
Origin: Meisou no Rondo (a game for the GBA that was never translated in English :/) and Omoide no Sonata (another GBA game you'll have to import)

Relatives: Colonel Seraphy Royce (older brother; said to have died in during the Ishbal Rebellion)
Known Friends: Edward and Alphonse Elric, Lt. Riza Hawkeye, Maj. Maes Hughes, Maj. Armstrong, Col. Roy Mustang (I'm not sure since she calls him 'cold')
Rank: Major. All state alchemists start with this rank

My Favorite Quotes:
--- "Alchemists are there for the people" (Alchemists be thou for the people)
--- "Mini hospital sounds cute right?" (cursed_memories)
--- "Just be careful, you use a skirt and he's dangerous around them." (EEdward Elric)
--- "You will all turn into cookies one day." (animefan6894 aka:me XD)

Facts: I've never left my home before, and I feel lonely because of this.
I joined Ed and Al for 2 different reasons: the first time I met them, I joined them so I wouldn't be lonely on the way to Central. The second reason is so that the Fuhrer would let me resit the exam depending on my performance on Ed's special team (I forgot my essay for the written part D: My specialty is healing, but only if they aren't too serious. My state alchemist name "Tuning" came from my brother who was a state alchemist (with the rank of colonel).

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My usual FMA team in the game
1) Edward - Cause he's Ed. And he transmutes fast. His sprite is so tiny and cute~
2) Roy - Cause he's Roy. He also looks cool. I love his fiery dragon attack heart That is all.
3) Cony - A bit slow, weak and faints easily when she's hurt too much, but I keep her around to save up on healing items. And her alchemy attack looks awesome. It reminds me of Mei Chan's somehow.

Story: (in 3rd person view)
Cony was made a hostage by Bald (who turned out to be a doll made by Cate) while he appeared to be hijacking a train yet again. Ed and Al helped her out and she traveled with them since they were both on the way to Central, and because she was lonely, having never left her home before. Sadly, she forgot her essay which she needed to be able to take the State Alchemist Exam. The Fuhrer came along though and said he would let her take a special exam. She had to fight Armstrong, but she lost (that seemed unfair). Edward was then asked by the Fuhrer to take on a special assignment and form a team of *competent* people. Ed also asked for Cony to be in the team to help her take the exam again. Soon Roy Mustang (after a lot of arguing with Ed), Riza Hawkeye, Armstrong and Aston Martins joined their team.

Along the way, Cony would heal the party after every other battle.

Near the end, it is revealed that she did pass the exam and became a state alchemist under Mustang (working with Edward), however, near the end of the game, she returns to her home (to see her mother I think) and doesn't appear until the next game.

Pictures of Cony:
To prove she's official, not some OC

Lincor (her brother, Seraphy) and Cony
-----They don't look like each other though...

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Cony and Armony
-----They're from different games

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Cony, Ed and Roy
----- heart I found a pic of my fave characters in the same pose lol

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1) biggrin
2) biggrin
3) Screenshots from the game


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Cony: I'll heal you if you get hurt.
State alchemist, Corniche Royce at your service!

>.<;; Currently questing for an: Elegant Veil