Um...hi? Hmm, lessee...my name's Coralinthium, I'm a med student of sorts, and I'm 22 years old. I love movies, books, and music that isn't rap, R&B, or smooth jazz. I love writing fanfics or bits of fanfics, but I sadly have yet to finish more than...well, let's just say that I've started a hell of a lot more than I've finished, haha. biggrin I absolutely LOVE The Mentalist, White Collar, Leverage, Law & Order: SVU, Psych, and Castle. Oh yes, I'm a BIG Avatar geek. Like...big. But I won't go overboard like Twitards and hurt you for not liking the movie. I'm more like a Trekkie with my geekiness than a Twitard.

Strange thing, while I would be glad to have a boy/girl/tranny-friend, I don't know how to approach someone or how to actually be a girlfriend. One pseudo-relationship and one relationship that ended as soon as it began is all I've got to my name...and I wish I could have something that's both an actual relationship and lasts more than a couple of weeks. Anybody know a guy/girl/tranny/whatever that wouldn't mind dating a kind of overweight girl who's essentially a relationship newb?...Yes, I know that seems desperate. Don't care.

Hmmm, what else...feed me pizza and I'll do almost anything you want me to. I'm a bit of a technophiliac, since my main motivation for job hunting is to get a Droid X and various bits of technology, hence why I'm looking at a job at an Apple store or some other store. I love girls as much as I love boys, and I love yaoi...love, love, love yaoi. And for now...this is all I can think of. More later, perhaps? Guess you'll have to wait and see.

Oh, yes, the obligatory dream avi:

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Total Value: 2,405,100 Gold
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Item List:
Gilded Conjuror
Light Spirit
SDPlus #323 Zoey
Gold Elven Leaf Earrings
Gold Elven Armlet
Fungi Village
Yemaya's Pearl
Petal Professor Hana
Petal Professor Hana
Earnest Minstrel

This is going to take me forever. sweatdrop


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...Um...uh..."insert clever title here"...yeah, that works.

So really, I have no clue what's going to go in here, so...I guess I'll alert people at some point via my siggy what's in here, yes? Yes, good.



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It's okay. I still love you! heart
Kay Pasa

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Kay Pasa

Your status update spooked me! So much RAGE! XD
Kay Pasa

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Kay Pasa

She said, "Thank you! That's very sweet!"
Kay Pasa

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Kay Pasa

Hi Cora! *chews confetti*
Kay Pasa

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Kay Pasa

Thanks Cora, but it's only this bummed feeling that's keeping me out of it.
Kay Pasa

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Kay Pasa

*glomps back* Uh oh. Smack! D8

I tried, but he wasn't ready to leave. xD
The Great Haggis

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The Great Haggis

-smacks her harder with a full trout- ~Big announcer voice~ "TROUT SMACK!!!"
And no, no it will not happen, many before you have tried, and none ever have, nor ever will succeed. You haven't even breached the beginning of the defenses.
The Great Haggis

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The Great Haggis

-casually smacks you away with a flounder as you go to snatch the kilt-
Yeah, let's not and say you didn't.
I'll be waiting for the profile then.
The Great Haggis

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The Great Haggis



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