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Undisturbed Silence

Report | 12/23/2009 4:36 pm

Undisturbed Silence

To late now, you can't delete it once it's opened. Your cursed. My name is Freddy I'm 10 years and I have no eyes, fingers or toes. They were cut out while I slept. I am seeking revenge. I will hide under your bed and wait for everyone to be asleep, then I will get you...Unless.

You need to send this to at least 20 people in the next 20min. to be safe.
0: I will cut you and your family up piece by piece starting with your eyes and fingers and toes.
1-9: I will kill you all quickly and painlessly.
10-14: I will kill all of your family and leave no one but you.
15-19: You are safe
20+: you will be granted with good fortune

Don't believe me??? Just ask...

Dona Nob, 19
Didn't believe in it just thought this was another 'chain mail'.
Next weekend police found Nob body parts all over the county.
Naught naughty Dona,
Cursed her entire family.

Richard Flem, 33
Was bored one day while reading his E-mails.
Decided to just send it to a few friends.
Next day a local neighbour found Richard and his family's heads strewn across his front lawn
Good try Richard

Nicole Browning, 15
I scared her!
Sent it to her 13 contacts on msn.
She wasn't a very popular girl.
Not very good, they are still searching for her 'missing' family members.
You like it in the orphanage Nicole?

Mikey Robinson, 25
He was a smart one.
He'd seen what happens to people who ignore these letters.
sent it to 43 people.
He know lives in Malibu and just last month married the woman of his dreams.

So now you have a choice,
Send it on?
Or not...and suffer the consequences