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The Memoirs of the Mentally ill

Random entries, thoughts, poems, pics, and quotes.



I grew up in the 90's
I'll school you in pogs!
I listen to everything 'cept country.
Kaki King is my musical inspiration.
If I laugh for no reason, I was probably thinking of something dirty.
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I play guitar.
I hate cakes,pies,ice cream, and cookies.
I'll eat a whole bag of chips in one sitting x3
Arts and Crafts are my sh*t.
Video games are pretty much my life.
I used to drive a racecar, quarter midgets.
I was a jazz and tap dancer for three years.
I love everyone but I am probably the nicest asshole you'll ever meet.
My mind is ALWAYS in the gutter, so I probably think everything you say is funny.


There ain't no rest for the wicked..
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Sooja Sudamed Report | 02/25/2014 4:40 pm
Sooja Sudamed
You never watch the show 2 Broke Girls? Also you have been gone a really long time. o.o
Sooja Sudamed Report | 02/18/2014 7:08 pm
Sooja Sudamed
Your description sounds a lot like Kat Dennings. lol
also /bites. x3
Nimble Azure Report | 02/13/2014 3:55 am
Nimble Azure

1. Shhh
2. Yes.
Nimble Azure Report | 02/11/2014 3:55 pm
Nimble Azure
Yeah I will start commenting on Errors from now on XD;

Also yeah, sometimes my computer does that as well.. No idea why :c

Haha awe you can always hang with me and we can blow a few blunts smile
Nimble Azure Report | 02/10/2014 4:26 pm
Nimble Azure
Haha did you wanna do something together or are you busy right now? I was wanting to do some fishing surprised !~

Awe you should get some smoke and smoke with me tonight haha! That would help ye sleep! surprised
Nimble Azure Report | 02/10/2014 4:06 pm
Nimble Azure
heart Your adorable XD;

How have you been? Been a bit since we've been able to talk guuurl! >3~
Nimble Azure Report | 02/10/2014 4:04 pm
Nimble Azure
Yeah I agree. It's the bets thing I can do is let time happen and see where my life takes me heart

From now on though, I'm going to make it hard for guys to climb over my wall. It just extended by a ton so good luck men heart
Nimble Azure Report | 02/10/2014 3:59 pm
Nimble Azure
I do own it honestly. I even told him right away. I feel so f*cking bad...

I bought pot to help razz It will be in my lungs by tonight heart heart
Nimble Azure Report | 02/08/2014 7:09 pm
Nimble Azure
So I wanted to let you know, Me and John broke up. I got really drunk and I was to the point of almost blacking out and I played around with a guy and told John and he broke up with me.

We got to talk later tonight about it over the phone more on a personal level and he just can't ever trust me again to ever be with me again, He still loves me but he just can't.

I completely destroyed his love and he is completely heart broken, Al though he isn't taking it as rough as I am... I'm in complete denial about it, I mean I know we've broken up but I keep bringing it up and I keep fighting with him on it, It's not even fighting it's just well not even bickering. Talking rofl, I keep telling him I love him and I can't lose him and he is my first love so I'm really taking this hard, Even John could just tell from my voice when he called that I had to of cried at least 6 hours out of the day, Which he was very correct on, Tears galore and baby sobbing.

At this point I'm trying to let time do the work, Trust takes time to make things right and effort in small but useful ways.

At some point I will give up on him but as for right now at this moment, I just can't.

In the end I learned one thing.

First love is always the most painful.
Nimble Azure Report | 02/07/2014 9:35 am
Nimble Azure