Add Me? Trade? Comment? Request Art?

Hello there.
You landed on my profile page, I see...
I'm Yuki a.k.a CookieYuki16.
There's not really much to say about myself.
19, German, interested in arts and English.
I enjoy anime, manga, english series
and photography a lot.
I can be the most inconsiderate butthole in the world
Or the nicest person you have ever come across.
Some might say I'm a little insane.
To those I say: You are absolutely correct.
Also I have tendencies to being arrogant and stuff.
I'm a typical tumblr user. Ask me if you're interested.
If you don't get what that means, bye.
I f*cking hate facebook.
I put my artsie stuff on my DeviantArt. Again, ask.
Also, feel free to request me, ne.
May it be friendship or a job,
I shall accept you all with open arms.
Also I will most definitely rule this little planet one day.

Okay, bye.