About Meh((:

`·. ROsiee ♥

"I saw you try to do me and that s**t Was UGLY;D"

Hello, Call me Rosy biggrin he he. I am very Funny. That's a Fact. Don't doubt it, cuz its the truth.♥♥'younqq Love&& Lovey'z Forever&Always.<33

Alriqhty, So here aare the thinqs to know about mee '(:

-My names Rosalinda for those who cant read .
♥'RosalindaMariselaGutierrez.. Rawwr
-Im S i n g l e e.♥
-Im a sister to Mari and Monse .
-Status ,im Single, Did i Say thaaaaaat'? .

Soo yeaah.Im a crazy qirl ,not random..LOOK A _________.O; omgeee did you just see that????
Okay maybe a little .

ILove my friends&Family so dont you dare hurt them.
I also love meetinq new people so just come down&Say hii to mee;D

♥'Can you count the stars? Well thats how much someone Loves you, you juss' don't know it yet.Never Doubt the possible.

Just Ask ..Maybe I'll answer. (: