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Meh :3

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sum shi* ppl have to say :)

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maddie_love12 Report | 11/24/2012 7:39 pm
Hey guys, it's Gracie. Im on my friends gaia, which she doesnt like it so she is quitting (lol) anyways just in case you look at my profile I want you guys to know that im fine, I love Australia. Its so beautiful and the people here are so sweet. I learned how to surf, Im in a new dance school (which is really nice), Im in a new school, its a public school and nobody is mean to me -everybody was very welcoming and nice to me- I have made some new friends and they are awesome. My friends name's are Mila, Andrew (not the one from Ohio, if you know what happened between me and him) Michaela, Rylie, Christian, Maria, Justin, Aaron, Ryan, and Baker. Pretty much all but like 2 or 3 of them i surf with. Christian, Aaron, Justin, Ryan, Andrew, and Baker are all guys (the rest are girls..duh) they are all really cute. Christian, Aaron, and Justin like me. The rest of them are like brothers to me. I kinda like Christian and Aaron... and Andrew :] they are all really sweet, tan, really cute, there strong, and they are all just so nice to me. they know what's happened to me in the past, like my dad, my baby sister, my step dad, my new step dad, my mom, my step mom, yeah all that s**t... they know about Andrew and how he threatened me, they know all about you guys on gaia, like Anthony and Wakine (which by the way if your reading thing anthony im sorry I havent been on.. I was just so busy with school, moving, dance, surfing, and tons more. anyways I still love you but for now I think we should just stay friends..sorry :* And Wakine, Im NOT sorry I havent been on. I honestly dont know if I cant trust you anymore, girls used to tell me that you here hitting on them, flirting with them, and that you were cheating on me! and by the way I have NO idea of were dating or not, but if we i guess still are, then im breaking up with you. and If we arent well then I guess embrace this truth, you have totally ******** up my life, you have pissed me off, made me cry, made me wanna KILL MYSELF, your a complete f*****t, and DUCHEBAG, you have made TOO many guys BREAK UP with ME, I have NEVER IN MY LIFE met such an a** HOLE like YOU in my LIFE! When you First met me, the first thing you said to me was "Heeeey Sexxxxxy" ... Yeah I STILL REMEMBER THAT! That is NOT how you should talk to a girl unless you think im THAT RETARDED, to like a guy like YOU, your WRONG, because I have NEVER liked YOU, and I NEVER WILL! And I was dating another guy at the time, which I MISS HIM ALOT BECAUSE HE LEFT GAIA, ALL BC OF U!.........alright now dont take that too serieously, there are other girls out there besides me who will gladly date you, so dont go off and kill yourself, because trust me you havent been through such a hell like mine, mine was absolutely terrible, from me being TAKEN AT THE AIRPORT! To my parents telling me that I was ADOPTED, and my little sister being RAPED, and also ME when i was just 7 YEARS OLD, and My apparent STEP DAD whom I LOVED TO DEATH (Literally..) DIED TO A DRUNK DRIVER... Now my STEP MOM lost her baby, it died, and my real mom taking me to Australia, trying to make new friends, her getting married to a cop, then her getting prego, and then loosing Her BABY TOO... yeah theres a LOT more.... anyways dont take it the wrong way..) So yeah.. anyways love all of you and I'll try and get back on real soon. kk? byeee heart sweatdrop redface whee
- Xx_C4LIFORNIA_xX - Report | 07/30/2012 8:18 pm
  - Xx_C4LIFORNIA_xX -
hey meet me in my rally in HPT. haha c u dere.
- Xx_C4LIFORNIA_xX - Report | 07/30/2012 8:12 pm
  - Xx_C4LIFORNIA_xX -
Pandy? haha
- Xx_C4LIFORNIA_xX - Report | 07/30/2012 1:18 am
  - Xx_C4LIFORNIA_xX -
who is the guy? hrmm.........? i wonder....... teehee
XdontwakemeupX Report | 07/28/2012 9:21 am
Hey smile
- Xx_C4LIFORNIA_xX - Report | 07/27/2012 10:10 pm
  - Xx_C4LIFORNIA_xX -
ayee go to my room in HPT TEEHEE biggrin
CookieMonsta65 Report | 07/06/2012 10:42 pm
I JUST LOOOVVEEE LIFE DON'T U?! Gr... okay, so last week, my mother (step mother) told me that she was pregnant, WONDERFUL RIGHT? Well anyways, apparently she has been prego for quite sometime now, but she has been hiding it..! The baby was gonna b a girl, but she had a miscarry, so now, i dnt have a little sis.. And my cousin who i am soo close to, got in a car accident, she broke a leg and an arm, But thats just HALF of it! My little brother is soo sick, the doctors think that he might Die!! My real mom, wants to meet me next week, Which means, I get to c all of my real other siblings! But this goes with meeting my mom and being adopted and stuff, my step parents faked having a baby, they faked having annika when she was born, annika, my little sister who was raped, is one of my real siblings, not another one of my adopted ones! So one of my siblings that im living with right now , is dying, another one did die (my little baby sister who died in my witch step mom's stomach), and another sibling that im living with is one of my real siblings, not adopted siblings..! And it's getting better! My Aunt who loves me and spoils me to death, is DEAD! WTF IS UP WITH ME AND DEATH!? >.< Well anyways i think im gonna leave gaia for about a week or 2 just to calm myself down from all of this s**t.. So yeah.. I guess i'll talk to ya'll when i'm about to go to yet ANTOHER funeral...!
XdontwakemeupX Report | 07/05/2012 4:36 pm
I won't give up on us. heart
XdontwakemeupX Report | 06/30/2012 10:21 am
hey message me please
RSN_TYGA10 Report | 06/24/2012 8:20 pm
nvm then bye


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Tough Times neutral

Just problems that happened with me.

  - Xx_C4LIFORNIA_xX -
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xx_Get Teddy_xx

depression... sucks...

hi ya'llso for those of u who dont know much about me this is just some things tht i dont tell ppl very often... -i saw my x bf try and hang himself, and fail..-my dad died to an 18yr old drunk driver..-my grandmother who was so close to me died with me holding her hand..-my parents divorced 2 months before my dad died-after my dad died, i had to live with my mom-i hate my mom, she hates me, and treats me like shi t-i have 3 amazing siblings-i had to hold in that i liked a guy for 7 months-i have suicidal thoughts (but not all the time)-i did cut myself, on the wrist, 12 times.. there are scars but i learned how to cover them..-i have a little brother who was diagnosed with autism.. i love him to death-i have terrible asthma -if u ask people if im the happiest person they know, they will say yes (but im really not)-i am a hunter, i hunt animals, and i have shot down a 4 point buck, it was my first deer, i shot it with my dad, and 1 week later he passed away... I dont tell ppl this. u cant tell anybody, most of these r secrets so shh! if u wanna know more just ask.. <3 rember b strong! what doesnt kill u makes u stronger <3!!

Dis is mah family, ******** with them and ill ******** ur face b***h! :3

Fake Friends:Never ask for food.True Friends:are the reason youhave no food.Fake Friends:call yourparents MOM/DADFake Friends:Bail you out of jail and tell you what you did was wrong. True Friends:would sit next to you saying"Damn...we messed up...but that s**t was fun!"Fake Friends:never seen you cryTrue Friends:cry with you.Fake Friends:Borrow your stufffor a few days then give it back.True Friends:keep your s**t so longthey forget its yours.Fake Friends:Know a few things aboutyou.True Friends:could write a book aboutyou with direct quotesfrom you.Fake Friends:Will leave youbehind if that's what the crowd is doing.True Friends:Will kick the whole crowds a** thatleft you.Fake Friends:Would knock onyour door.True Friends:walk right in and say"I'M HOME!"Fake Friends: Are 4 a whileTrue Friends: Are 4 life.Fake Friends:Will talk s**t to the person who talks s**t about you.True Friends:Will knock them the ******** out.Fake Friends:will read this TRUE FRIENDS:will steal this just like i did XD

heres some really pointless info about mee ! <3I love animalsI hate bugs they scare meI am a tomboy :DI hate mean ppl..I hate my schoolI am shy (believe it or not..!)I have 3 fav colors, sunset orange, green, and sky blue :DI have 3 bunnysI have 2 dogsI have 2 catsI have 4 chickensI have a pet turtle named crush (from finding nemo ;D )I love musicI am an amazing actress (so says all my friends) I have a shotgun with russian bullets, a grenade launcher, and a bayanette on the end :D I love video gamesI love to sing I love the musical The Phantom Of The Opera! <3 If u wanna know more.. ASK! :D

Okay so I love this avi but..she costs 1,917,293 gold! Please Help!! :D

I Think I'm In Love With Someone... OKAY. I Don't Think I Do.. I Do Love Someone.. And He Loves Me.. <3

Creep as* :3

Haha You Wanted To Know Who I Love Don't You? Well too bad! And For Those Of You That Know Me, Probably Know Who It Is.. <3

There's This Amazing Guy That I Have Known For Awhile.. And I Love Him. I Give Him As Much Love As I Possibly Can, And He Give's It Back, He's Amazing, He's Soo Sweet, He Loves Me Just As Much As I Love Him, Which Is A LOT, I Love This Guy To Death And For Any Girls Who Want Him... BACK THE F*CK OFF HE'S MINE! ;] A G = F O R E V E R <3 ! Btw The "A" Is The Guy :3