Here's how it is, I'm the type of girl who loves Yaoi! Yes I said it and I don't care, I think boys are hot.....with other hot boys. I just love the way yaoi guys talk it is so cool! Plus they always look good and dress good can you blame me for being a stalker? Besides that there is pently of things you can like about me such as.
~I like Manga and Anime~
~I want to go to Japan~
~Pokemon, Digimon, and Beyblade are cool~
~I like Starbucks Vanilla Bean with carmel drizzle~
~Clowns scare me~
~I like ice cream~
~Teachers are weird in some ways~
~I like to read~
~Mushrooms make me itch~
~I like video games~
~I like J-pop, and k-pop music~
~Pocky is my best friend!~
~I'll put down some more later as soon as I think of something else.~
~New info: I just got my first avi art done by Dark-Tea Valkyrie she is so awesome!!! I love it!!!


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My life is surrounded by Yaoi, I can't live without it, that and anime. My life would be a boring plank floating in an endless sea. But enough about me, I'd like to hear from you what yaoi's do you like? Tell me, and if you like yuri or hentai I'd lo



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i will bow for you wink

Report | 05/20/2012 2:13 pm


Right! Youre character just moved. After reading your post I realized this. I forgot about reading about your post cuz the pic made me curious~ w i said he was face in my post so no worries.
Psychotic Scarlet

Report | 03/07/2012 5:38 pm

Psychotic Scarlet

OMG thats was a long time ago rofl
But it is ok. I would love to be friends with you.
How are you btw?

Report | 02/19/2012 9:58 pm


*laughs* it amuses me how many girls like Yaoi and gay romance. ^_^
Psychotic Scarlet

Report | 08/27/2010 8:48 pm

Psychotic Scarlet

i must say ILY! <3
yhu like ketekyo hitman reborn, yaoi and yhu got xanxus and tsuna on yhur page. heart
yhur awesome <3
Izaya Matsushita

Report | 02/02/2010 2:24 pm

Izaya Matsushita

I was browsing profiles. Yours just happened to catch my eye.
Izaya Matsushita

Report | 02/02/2010 12:39 pm

Izaya Matsushita


Report | 01/12/2010 11:44 am


Hee hee. I'm up for it.

Report | 01/11/2010 10:56 am


hmmm wait for the opprotune moment

Report | 01/11/2010 3:24 am




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