KaliAmbyr &&ily<3
I'm slowly coming to terms with things.

    -My name has already been stated, please use it.
    -I'm twenty four years of age.
    -I work full time
    -I have my cat with me after a year and a half.
    -I'm Canadian.
    -I hate moving.
    -I am a very proud aunt to two little boys; Damain&Dominic.
    -I have a god daughter who means the world to me and I miss her very much.
    -I love to read, my favorite series would be Redwall, and yes, it is a series written for children.
    -I like to spoil my friends.
    -I play Pokemon games on my DS, even though growing up I preferred Digimon.
    -I like Kingdom Hears and Final Fantasy, but my favorite quest game would have to be from The Legend of Zelda series, or Fable.
    -I enjoy playing Magic.
    -I may have a *small obsession with Magic the Gathering.
    -I argue for the sake or arguing, however if I'm not in the mood to talk I will just agree until you leave me alone.
    -I also tend to shut down my emotions a lot, not healthy so I'm working on that.
    -I've been on Gaia since November of 2004.

    *It's not a small obsession.

Will put up a new picture soon... ish?


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cool avi
Bitter Chardonnay

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Bitter Chardonnay

Psst. Still thinking of you.

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I suck at keeping in contact :/
I hope you're well!
Bitter Chardonnay

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Bitter Chardonnay

I miss your love.

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Was thinking about you tonight! I hope youre okay!
Psychopathic Sanity

Report | 08/05/2013 6:34 pm

Psychopathic Sanity

Kali -
Tried to send you a PM. Said because we weren't friends, I couldn't.
Will send you a friendslist to change that. Thanks for talking to me again, missed you a whole bunch,

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Your amazing!!!!! xd

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Awwie you're just so cute!
I've been really busy recently O:
I haven't been on here in a while but that comment made it so worth coming back <3
I miss you too!

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Don't worry about not being there you're sick, it's understandable! I'll try to call you when my sister is off the phone razz
btw, thanks for the stuffs xD ILY!!!



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