c': My profile and avatar are super cute, aren't they?

- Thanks to Pen0rpowah for my avatar! <3

Actually there is not much to say about me..
I'm German Student in the 13th (final) grade and especially interested in drawing, mangas, cosplaying, other Asian stuff (books, food, traditions ect.) and Spanish (my favorite subject and a beautiful language)! I'm bisexual and searching for a lovely girl/woman. <3
However, I'm also highly interested in any new friendships! Therefore, feel free to leave me a kind massage. ^^
PS: I have to admit that I adore Yaoi and Yuri!! c: *hähä* So feel free to send me a shoho-ai/shonen-ai rolepaly request! <3

My art thread is reopened but this time with my best friend -
Laura! c:

Wanna take a look?
=3 You won't regret it! (I promise c: )


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Andrea Elric

Report | 09/09/2011 7:18 pm

Andrea Elric

Lo siento pero no tengo ningún dibujo publicado en internet y ademas los tengo en un cuaderno pero tambien hago firmas en photoshop (de apoco voy mejorando) y por mientras solo escribo poemas en español owo, ademas yo tampoco dibujo mucho, es que tengo que estudiar mucho -.-
Andrea Elric

Report | 09/08/2011 2:36 pm

Andrea Elric

Me gusta escribir poemas, aprender sobre historia, dibujar aunque ase tiempo que no lo hago y si me gusta el roleplay, aunque no se si muy buena pero parece que si ^ ^
Andrea Elric

Report | 09/07/2011 3:15 pm

Andrea Elric

Si ^ ^

Estoy bien y tu como estas?
A Royal Kiss

Report | 08/30/2011 3:34 pm

A Royal Kiss

I have nothing nor had anything in my inbox from you, love. Sorries >_<
Madly Unique

Report | 08/30/2011 2:44 pm

Madly Unique

i'm sorry that you've been waiting on a post, truly i am!
it's not that i don't like it, not at all, i've just been uninspired at the moment...
i shall be getting you a reply as soon as possible, by friday...
or more accurately by the end of the tomorrow...
i'm really really sorry!!
Sir Rorscharch

Report | 08/23/2011 2:30 pm

Sir Rorscharch

No se, que te párese si tu eres quien decide eso?. y por cierto, el capitulo 8 ya salio hace poco (Relativamente) ahora solo espero el 9 pirate y te dejo el link por si quieres verlo... solo que esta subtitulado en esp http://www.taringa.net/posts/videos/11933040/Hellsing-Ova-8_-On-line_.html 3nodding blaugh
Sir Rorscharch

Report | 08/22/2011 2:41 pm

Sir Rorscharch

both. but the OVA was my favorite. until I have the song as the hunter ring tone... cool ... If I'm right. you are who was learning Spanish 3nodding one day we talked in the chat in Spanish. of course if you want biggrin
Smooth Detective

Report | 06/22/2011 8:19 am

Smooth Detective

Note, you have been inactive from Masquerade Renaissance for a long period of time. You are given the warning to post within three days or be submitted to immediate banning. This was necessary to keep the guild stable and active.

Report | 01/02/2011 5:14 am


Just 25k :3

Report | 01/01/2011 11:43 am


Teehee. :3
No, it's just Ducky-hat themed.
Ever since I started Gaia, I wanted this hat. D:
But I was always too poor.
Then I was browsing the shops the other day and I was like "WAIT A MINUTE. >:0 I'm a rich b***h now."
And I bought it.


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