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The AI Crew

In the land of Gaia exists an academy for the gifted, It is called the Artificial Intelligence School. The students are starting their first year. Come see what adventures await them.

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Sexy Devil Alexis on 06/22/2019


Over a year in Gaia and I finally decide to redo my about section XD. I'm roughly 30.08 years old. I would be more accurate, but I don't feel like changing it every day. As you have probably guessed, I am some kind of nerd. I love going into philosophical discussions. I also like math and science. My chosen career is in art >.>...

I have the same user name in the following sites:
DeviantArt and Newgrounds .

Things that I do:
Daydream, constantly. You can bet that if I'm doing something that takes no more than half my attention, I'll be daydreaming. Procrastinating, I'm very lazy, but I still manage to pull through near the deadline XD. Drawing, coming up with concepts and character designs is what I love to do. I've also found a new liking to digital painting. Making stories, my biggest hobby and I probably have a million XD.

I also love playing video games and I want to design my own some day.
Strategy and role playing are my favorite XD.

What I like:
The color green, which may also be my aura. I also like blue. Fantasy/Sci-fi, in whatever medium, these are great genres. I also love to study mythology. I like insanity, and insane people understand me XD. Nerds, they're always a fun bunch. I also like animals, one reason I'm a vegetarian. Oh, and also, tomboys ^o^. Not that I don't like girlish girls, but tomboys are so cute I just want to squeeze them XD. Bonus points if they're wearing glasses. ^o^

What I don't like:
Smoking, sure you're free to do that, but it's so irritating ><. Yellow text on white background, that's just uncalled for. License games design to only squeeze more money of a franchise, some of you may know what I'm talking about >.>. Oh and violence, there's always a better way.

Well, I'm a pretty laid back guy, so chances are, I'll get along with you. ^.^

Have I mentioned that XD is my favorite emoticon?


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Annikou Report | 06/04/2019 1:59 pm
Stacked Holly Report | 12/27/2018 8:47 pm
Stacked Holly
Thank you
Annikou Report | 12/27/2018 11:37 am
I hope you have a wonderful New Year. heart heart

Do you happen to like my avatar? I was going for a winter/angelic/classic vibe. lol
Annikou Report | 12/18/2018 8:53 pm
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Bacon for Life Report | 08/26/2016 6:31 am
Bacon for Life
yum_bacon yum_bacon
Annikou Report | 08/25/2016 5:40 pm
How have you been doing?
Annikou Report | 08/19/2016 11:17 pm
Hi ~ heart
ChaosQueen Report | 06/24/2015 4:52 pm
Thank you ^_^
Kewiii Report | 05/19/2015 4:06 pm
Yeah, people get confused because of that xD
I made it an i because L was taken D:
thewaitingtree Report | 03/24/2015 4:26 pm
haha! i doubt most people remember the first year of their life. sweatdrop
still '86 is year of the tiger. emotion_dowant



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