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Hikari Li Report | 06/22/2009 7:20 pm
Hikari Li
Where have you been?
Nayva Report | 05/04/2009 11:24 pm
"Last Login: 04/27/2009 2:13 pm"
Two and a half hours before Jack went to sleep forever...
Nayva Report | 11/18/2008 9:31 pm
..."Last Login: 11/17/2008 2:38 pm" eh???

So you have enough time to log in, change yourself back to the guild captain (EVEN THOUGH you left it to a democratic vote for the guild and I WON), but not enough to send a simple, "oh, hey, how are you? Hey, guess what. I'm alive still. And don't worry, I get that you've been unable to erase me from your mind, wondering if I'm still alive and well, but whatevs! lol! Wassup, lass?"

Well, SIR, I'm changing myself back to guild captain as I'm FAR more attentive to its needs than you are.

Good day.
Jadenyuki321 Report | 09/25/2008 6:19 pm
Oh ehm ghee. I finally remebered the email connected to this account and got my password. its been so long D: -sniffle-
Darkness Illusion Report | 03/05/2008 5:26 pm
Darkness Illusion

You were on in January?

and you.. didn't send me anything? D':

Nayva Report | 09/23/2007 2:32 pm
Does this mean I don't get my shirt back?
Nayva Report | 08/13/2007 1:23 am
Your loot has been utterly plundered again.

See to it that this is remedied.

Unless, of course, you'd like to relinquish your hold on me.
Nayva Report | 06/26/2007 5:38 pm
Oh, Severussss~
Nayva Report | 05/30/2007 2:03 pm
You have your moments. Not many of them, but you do have them.
Nayva Report | 04/24/2007 4:11 pm
I don't know where you get your delusions, laser brain.

Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side