Stupid sh*t About Me

Age: 21
Gender: Your friendly neighborhood lesbian.
Name: Sam
Likes: FOOD, video games, longboarding,skateboarding, bass, ukulele, any type of art, and being an connard sarcastique.
Dislikes: When there's no wifi.
My life: School,work, and friends.
Relationship: Well...that's a lovely story about a girl
Useless facts: I love whales. I own more batman things then I do friends. I love stickers. I'm most likely listening to music or drowning myself in porn. I'm pretty blunt and an open book.

Ways to contect my lame ass
My instagram- Connard_Kid.
Kik- EatTheSammich.
My steam- Ask
My skype - volbeat165.
Snapchat- SuxAFux.
Twitch- SuxAFux.