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Occupation: South Carolina Army National Guard

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Welcome to my profile. You may refer to me as Shadow or Conduit. However, only good friends of mine will know my true name. And with that, I will continue to stuff about me.

I am 17 years old, about 6 feet tall, and about 137 pounds. I have brown hair, relatively tan skin (aka farmer's tan) and hazel eyes. I love wearing my fedora. Makes me feel awesome.

I'm usually insane, however I have my quiet moments. I am quite self-conscious. I will most likely not be that one guy dancing like an idiot. Music is my life. I love the music that I listen to. I am a gentleman in everything I say and do. I'll hold back my cursing, usually, unless I'm upset. I feel that I am strong, physically (well, getting there) and mentally (I'll hold back my problems for yours). I am a very loyal friend and, as an enemy, I just won't care for you.

My future plans in life are to get a degree in mechanical engineering, join the armed forces (most likely Army), and, hopefully, live out the rest of my life with a beautiful lady (should I find her).

I have many interests, two of which are evident on my profile. In addition to the music I listen to, I am also a band nerd. I play the euphonium (-> wink and the trombone. I love video games. As a matter of fact, Legend of Zelda was my first favorite game series. Other games series that I get into are as follows: Mario, Assassin's Creed, Resident Evil, and Gears of War.

Many things get under my skin and, usually, happen all the time. 1. Seeing a wonderful lady being mistreated by an a*****e. 2. People that kiss a** towards the person they don't care about. 3. When someone is modest and says they're alright, when you know they're not (stereotype much?). 4. Heavy accents. 5. Multiplayer on most FPSs (CoD, Halo, etc.)

I suppose that's all that I have to say on the matters of me. Feel free to message me. If you have any concerns within your life, I will provide you with open ears and an open heart. And with that, I say, 'Stay Classy! cool '

What the hell are you doing here!?

When I have a bad day...

"Let it out, let it out,
Release the panic, oh, release the panic,
Get it out, get it out, get it out,
Release the panic, oh, release the panic
Cause you're trapped in the countdown,
And you're days are numbered,
Don't you know that you're done for,
Right now, lights out, let the panic out!"
- "Release the Panic" by Red

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This is a euphonium. You make fun of it, you get hit in the head with it (It's a brass instrument)!

|...........| Put this on your
|...........| page if you have
|........O| ever pushed a
|...........| door that said pull.

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Sawed-off Shotgun


.38 Snub Nose

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