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Don't hate the real Chiira, the character I was roleplaying... she doesn't deserve any hate.

About Me? What about me...

Say something about myself?
I'm a horrible person. There, that's something.

Realizing this, I'm abandoning this account.
...and the 29 other accounts I have.
Yes, 29. Most of them are trash accounts now.
A few still look decent, but I've erased my login information for all of them.

Most people probably think this was done out of malevolence, given the circumstances... but the truth is, I just liked making characters. Most were slowly made over a decade or so, anyhow. (Not like anybody is going to believe me, but I'm mentioning it anyway.)


I just wanted to be loved, and I royally screwed that up.
I don't think anybody has ever truly loved me... everybody just treats me like garbage, and abandons me in the end.

I've come to realize that I'm the common denominator in all this.
I realize now that I'm a broken person, and will never be whole. There's something seriously wrong with me, and it's not fixable.

Thanks Nan.

I'm sorry to have ruined everybody's lives at some point.

I'll be fixing that mistake. I promise. You'll never see me on here again.