My name is Ben. Friends call me Spazz. My age is not of importance, neither is were I live. Message me, send a friend request, get to know me. <3

It's not like you want to know, but here are a *few* of my views of life:

The problem I see is that the young aren't given a chance to learn different. Instead, they are "brainwashed" with what they should and should not do and what they should and should not believe. They, in turn, grow up to be unmovable adults who eventually have children and raise them in the same sense.

Fear/Prejudice of the unknown, coupled with the inability to accept other views, is what breeds idiocy and ignorance in our modern society.

The longer it takes us to realize that life's NOT fair, the longer America, and the rest of the world were killing, will be stupid.

"The earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the earth. All things are connected like the blood that unites us all. Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself."

My goal is simple. Go to collage. Take a waist management course. Open a land fill that will recycle EVERYTHING possible, (Decomposable, paper, plastic, etc.), open a bicycle shop, and plant many tree farms. I won't spend all my money on my house or any of that other crap, I'll' save it up, send my child(ren) to a Fancy collage, and then when HE moves out, most of my money is going to charity. When I die, my body gets scrapped for every organ it's worth, then I'm gonna cremate the remains and have them spread over Orange Beach Alabama.

Simple, or what?


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hey ben, you're a cool dude, DONT look at my profile please

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thank you sooo much for buying from my shop (: I hope you enjoy your new HSM Mic (:
ii R o X a N ii

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ii R o X a N ii

Happy Birthday!!!

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cool avi

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your kidding.. right?
you're SERIOUSLY asking me what molasses will do?!?!
It will FREE us from POVERTY and DESPAIR is what it'll do! o:<
didn't you learn that in math already?! GOSH!
/jellyfish face

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oh mah gawd. !! THE HORROR!!
/shakes like a mad cow on the fourth of july
That's just frightened me out of my mind! TAKE RESPONSIBILITY!
Look, i bet I won't even be able to sleep at night anymore ! DX
/tries to fall asleep in .002 seconds
see??!! I can't even fall asleep anymore!
/panicked jellyfish sounds
oh my! ...
/sees a quadro-uni-bear walk by eating lemons and playing with it's fourth horn
asdfdsa WE'RE DOOMED! oohhh what an ominous sign! hurry! cover yourself in molasses!!
/dumps a bucket of molasses over myself

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OH MY YOU! seriouslyyyy?! *O* but, I'm afraid you are mistaken. There's something out there BETTER than uni-bears and double uni-bears!! *.* They're called... TRIPLE UNI-BEARS! b/c they have THREE horns! They're beautiful, and majestic, and horrid, and bloodthirsty baby eaters, and and and THEY LOVE SOCKS! yes, you heard me. SOCKS. !! So hurry my friend! Hide your feet's clothing now or they shall be naked for eternity! ohh the horror! DX

Random comment was loved. <3 <3 <3

your lover Seto. :B

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Oh so a Mod is a moderator. In all my years on gaia, I never kenw that hehehe. Learn something everyday.

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Well, Ben, you are nicknamed Spazz so you kind of have a Z in your name ahaha. Btw, what is a mod?

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you don't have to apologize Ben. this happens to everybody.


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