Well I figured it's about time I change up the about me section of my most pertiful profile. The first one was all kinds of newbish and had newb stamped all over it. It was boring and had no flare to it. Plus it didn't have that nifty list format that seems to be going around. So I'm here to add it in!!!! *Heroic Theme Music*

Name: What ever the Hell you wish to call me. I'll go by Hiro but my real name is Cody. For those of you I told otherwise....I lied. Hah!!! Fooled you!
Sex: Male.....last time I checked......*Runs to mirror* yep....I still have a p***s.....phew
Sexuality: Homosexual, have a problem with it? We can talk it over....Still have a problem with it? Well then.....I don't care. ^_^
Random Facts: Oh god....random facts.....let's see. I play the clarinet, Woot! I'm a Jesus freak....in fact I'm pretty much in love with the guy. Total weirdo....he fits right in. I know a good deal of Spanish...I'm not very big on sweets....I lost my car keys today...I'm a Minnesotan...Well a new minnesotan.,..Italian food rocks my socks...and I think life is a total JOY-GASM!

Now for my next trick!!!!!!!!!! I shall reveal my likes and dislikes! *Dramatic show music*.......where's all this dramatic music coming from. *Shifty Eyes* I feel like I'm in a Spanish Soap Opera

Jesus and his BIg Daddy
A good book
I love Lucy
Monty Python
Robin Williams
Good Grammar
Marching Band
That bear from the Downy ads (Anything soft really)
Good Manners
Bob Barker
Long Lists

Profiling People
Much unnecessary typing
Dr. Phil
Mr Rogers....creepy old man...
Ignorant Hicks
Misspelled words. (See above)
The Panama Canal
Bad Grammar
Bad Poetry
Bad Writing
Bad Books
Bad Music
Bad Anything
Rotten Milk
Random Dislikes

Now to continue on in this horrifically long About me my music interest are a bit narrow.

Everything...no really...everything. All music has some value to it.

Anything that has me asking "What on earth did they say?" and Anything that confuses my tapping foot.

Well I think I covered everything.....I hope I covered everything my fingers may explode if I type anymore. I can't have that now. Exploding fingers isn't on my agenda untill next wednesday. Well Congratulations if you made it all the way through this section. If you just skipped down to this closing paragraph, know that Patience is a virtue. And reading exercises your brain. It's a muscle too ya know. It needs just as much attention as your Glutious Maximus!!!

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This is Lepetitpoisson's glorious rendition of adorable Hirosuke. She's wonderful. ^^

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And this is A beautiful characterization of Hirosuke in his Knight costume. Doesn't he look so dashing!? This was done by the wonderful MeowGoesthekitti! It required a small fee of course but she did it in an amazingly short amount of time! Hit her up for some great avi art!

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And this is me!!! ^^


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kanako irigashi

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kanako irigashi

kanako irigashi

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kanako irigashi

Cody heart
I love your avie
-EIven Prince-

Report | 02/03/2013 3:56 pm

-EIven Prince-

kanako irigashi

Report | 01/04/2012 11:17 pm

kanako irigashi

I love yooou

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hey forget my other post- sorry bout that
How are you?

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kanako irigashi

Report | 11/29/2010 1:16 pm

kanako irigashi


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hey how's life? whee
Sekimo Etsuko

Report | 10/26/2010 1:37 pm

Sekimo Etsuko

Well hello there, how do you do? My name is Sapphire, but you may call me "Saph" if you'd like. I reign as the last of the Etsuko blood line and carry about a Kingdom here on gaia. Sad to say, despite how many members we have, we are still struggling to make a guild with positive partisapents. :~She smiled blissfully, extening a hand out to the being.~: A friend of mine suggested you as one whom may be interested. Of course, naturally I wish not to force you or become a bother so feel free to decline. Though, it would be nice if you joined us. ^^

~Forever more, Princess Sapphire Etsuko.
Muffled Chimes

Report | 05/25/2010 9:45 am

Muffled Chimes

Aww, yay! :'D It did turn out quite nice!


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