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The best way to learn about me is to ask.

I am looking to befriend like minded people.

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squeakers_13 Report | 07/28/2010 5:33 pm
Bloop de boop.
de Melody Nelson Report | 11/16/2009 6:59 pm
de Melody Nelson
I'd love to know what you think:
de Melody Nelson Report | 10/26/2009 1:32 am
de Melody Nelson
Sorry for not replying back, once again.
UPDATE: I've decided to be a cross-cross-dresser for Halloween. As in, I make my skin as silky smooth and soft as possible, and give myself breasts, then try to dress up as as scruffy and manly of a dude as possible, with fake facial hair of course. If I do happen to pull this off, pics will be available on request.
Here's a preview for the next movie I'm working on:
Thoughts and criticism are encouraged.
de Melody Nelson Report | 10/09/2009 11:08 pm
de Melody Nelson
I think I was the one who brought it up. I bought the one that Jeff Magnum contributes to. I assumed that it was something along the line of writing he's done or an interview, but it's really just three obscure songs from asia that were picked out by him on 76"s. I'm not sure what decade these songs are from.
de Melody Nelson Report | 10/07/2009 11:49 pm
de Melody Nelson
Sorry about forgetting that Gaia exists.

Yeah, that's true. He genuinely freaks me out though. Its odd.
I've come into ownership of a Yeti publication. I'd be happy to ship it out to you the next time I head to the post. In case you forgot what it was:
de Melody Nelson Report | 09/30/2009 9:37 pm
de Melody Nelson
I think I'm inspired to be him for halloween. Its one of the better of my halfbaked ideas.
I got suspended for horseplay. And because the dude tripped. And because the assistant principal saw it.
de Melody Nelson Report | 09/30/2009 3:01 am
de Melody Nelson
Also I got a three day suspension today because of an intense fight over a girl in acting class. My opponent tripped on himself and fell to the floor. The assistant principal saw us. Ok, I lied. It wasn't over a girl.
de Melody Nelson Report | 09/30/2009 3:00 am
de Melody Nelson
I remember going on an inane wikipedia journey and stumbling on this fellow. But the problem with that is that it fails to me O ******** HES JUST CREEPY
I counter react with this:
de Melody Nelson Report | 09/21/2009 3:05 am
de Melody Nelson
Oh, I posted it. They think the picture was taken during a test, but it was just homework. I got my 24 hours of internet fame though. (um, you did see the picture, right? Click the big title.)
de Melody Nelson Report | 09/20/2009 2:55 am
de Melody Nelson
Oh nevermind.

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