I'm Karen.
Punk, rock, alternative, oldies, dance, electronic, indie, metal, acoustic.
I am: Random, loud, quiet unless you give me something to talk about, colorful, taller than you, literate, smart when I want to be, annoyed by stupid people, warm, simple, difficult, argumentative.
I am highly annoyed by typos.
I can be hypocritical.
Likes: Family, friends, books, music, shiny things, sharp things, talking, texting, mythical creatures, myths and legends, being nocturnal, photography.
Dislikes: A lot of people, coming to silences in conversations, things that hurt my head.
I hate the way that everything makes noise, and yet I hate silence.
I have a better grip on reality and I'm down to Earth. I like to think I see the world differently than you, but I'm not so sure.
Single and straight. But I don't do online things.
Take the time to know me, it'd be interesting.
Be my friend.