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Post War Administration Bureau Files.

Dizzy is a character in the Guilty Gear fighting game series, making her first appearance as a boss of the second game, Guilty Gear X: By Your Side. She must be unlocked in order to be playable in that game, though in subsequent games she is freely playable from the beginning. Despite the fact that she is half-human and half-Gear, all Dizzy desires is peace for herself and for humans. She currently resides with May and Johnny as a crew member of the Jellyfish Pirates.

As a half-Gear, Dizzy has a pair of angelic wings, one icy blue-white and the other dark green, as well as a black tail which resembles a lizard's, except that it doesn't appear to have scales. She also wields immense magical power: in addition to being able to change her clothes in an instant into a combat outfit right before a fight begins, she is capable of producing significant destructive force, and can create large blasts of fire.

She can also transform parts of her body. In particular, her wings are able to transform into two entities with minds of their own; her white wing becomes a blue-skinned angelic woman named Undine, and her green wing becomes a Grim Reaper-like creature named Necro. Undine appears to provide defensive measures, in addition to being able to create a lightning spear or various constructions of ice; Necro is far more aggressive, and everything he (the gender is only presumed) does is related to attack in one form or another. She has little to no control over them, and she'll often cry out in protest at what they're doing in the middle of combat, such as exclaiming "Onegai, yamette!" ("Please stop!" in Japanese) when she/Necro uses her Throw. Nevertheless, both Undine and Necro are very protective of Dizzy despite the fact the two continuously argue.

Another item of note is her relative resilience; in Guilty Gear XX, she survives a fall of roughly 20,000 feet. This resilience evidently extends her lifespan as well, as one of her endings in Guilty Gear X takes place one hundred years later, with her appearing the same as she did beforehand. However, it seems that she is, in fact, capable of dying, as she is killed in one of Testament's endings in Guilty Gear XX.


The details of Dizzy's birth are not known; all that is known for certain is that she was found as an infant roughly three years before the events in Guilty Gear X, by an old couple with no children of their own to depend on. The other villagers became afraid, however, since Dizzy appeared to age from being an infant to apparently being in her late teens in three years. This was compounded when she discovered, one day, that she now had wings and a tail. Dizzy was now identified as a Gear -- essentially, a living weapon of mass destruction, and a hundred-year war against Gears had just ended five years ago.

Dizzy's foster parents hid her in a grove in the woods, but she was soon discovered and subjected to abuse at the hands of her captors. She quickly escaped, however, and the government issued a 500,000 World-Dollar bounty for her death.

Guilty Gear X: By Your Side
From there, Dizzy came under the protection of Testament, a Gear who had served under the Command Gear Justice. Testament fought off most of the bounty hunters, and if any managed to overcome him, they were quickly beaten back by the immense power of Dizzy herself.

Dizzy's ending in Guilty Gear X, depicting her induction into Johnny and May's crew.She was finally defeated, however, by the bounty hunter known as Sol Badguy. However, he spared her life, and the bounty fell to Jam Kuradoberi, who used it to create her restaurant. Dizzy was then discovered by Johnny and May, who "rescued" her and invited her into their crew.

Guilty Gear XX: The Midnight Carnival
A few weeks later, Dizzy was on the deck of the May Ship when she was suddenly knocked off by I-No. She fell 20,000 feet, and the impact caused her to become possessed by Necro. She then laid waste to several other characters until she was "cured" by Faust.

From there, the storyline branches off in one of two directions: she either went on to fight I-No, which resulted in an encounter with "that man," the mysterious creator of the Gears; or she encounters and befriends Bridget, who was not aware that the bounty on Dizzy's head had already been paid to Jam.

Dizzy's mother, it turns out, is Justice, which is revealed in the drama CD Guilty Gear XX: Side Red And Black[1], as well as comments on the CD by Dizzy's actress, Fujita Kazue. Dizzy can perform a variation on Justice's Gamma Ray overdrive, as well as the Michael Sword attack (in her "EX" Mode in GGXX). Thus far, the father is canonically unknown.

Music References
Dizzy appears to be named after Guns N' Roses member Darren 'Dizzy' Reed. It's also the name of a 1969 #1 hit song by Tommy Roe. Her "Skull Crusher" may be a reference to the Overkill song "Skull Krusher" or the metal band Sepultura's drummer Igor "Skullcrusher" Cavalera. Her overdrive "Gamma Ray", which Justice can also use, is named after a band. Her attack "Hunger Strike" is named for a song by grunge band Temple of the Dog.


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Fujita_Makos Report | 08/10/2010 7:41 pm
fire rain is very uses full for multiple enemies
solar rays is the bestfor long range attacks and oh yeah even better to getting orbs during orb scavanging mini events that happen a few times a day.
i love to use slash since its a sword.
as for bump i dont use it much at all.
Fujita_Makos Report | 08/10/2010 7:19 pm
what attack rings do you have?


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