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I am Comet. Yes, I do mean the famous reindeer that works once a year with a certain old man you've seen sporting a loud crimson coat. But forget talking about him. This is really about me, right? I'm really an anthro-reindeer. I can take either an animal form or this humanoid form you see. I'm 240 years old and I'm originally from Canada, but I've been with Christopher and Martha Kidd (the pair you humans refer to as Santa and Mrs. Claus). And the place we go to for the Advent/Christmas Season is called Elven City a.k.a. North Pole, a place similar to Middle Earth, where it's us reindeer who hold the the powers that correspond with our names. Mine is Comet, named after the space object made of ice and rock that hurls towards the sun.
I'm called the Queen of Ice sometimes, and master most of the rest of the time. It's because any form that water can take, any state of matter, I can turn into ice and use it as a weapon against my enemies. My own sword is created in ice, and is as sharp and deadly as a diamond-tipped razor, slicing my enemies' bodies into tiny pieces.

I even can control the water in my saliva, creating my potent hypothermia breath, to freeze my opponents until they breathe their last breath.

The person I'm together with is Jin the Wind Master. He needed me very much, because he was lonely man. He had nobody to share his love with. He tried to fall in love with someone, and thought he found a woman, another wind demon like him. But Ai ended up being a fake. Her love wasn't real. They didn't have a first date even and she just used him without any thought to his feelings. Heartless woman, and I've seen her. She thinks a man in tears is perfect. I hate her for thinking that way. She left Jin crying and lonely, thinking he was going to die lonely, too. I told him she wasn't the one for him, and asked him if he wanted to date me. That was two years ago. Now we're together, with the dreams of marriage and a family. I have nobody else. Jin is my man, the love of my life.


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Tillisnut Report | 11/25/2017 8:17 pm
It's nice to hear from you. Hope that you've been well. I am doing well myself. Thanksgiving was good for me this year.
Tillisnut Report | 10/09/2016 11:59 pm
Happy Birthday!
Your Nostalgic Nightmare Report | 07/11/2016 10:10 am
Your Nostalgic Nightmare
Appreciate the purchase!~ emotion_yatta
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x Hinata lover x Report | 11/30/2015 7:08 am
x Hinata lover x
how are u sry i missed ur b-day whee whee
Tillisnut Report | 10/09/2015 8:44 pm
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope yours was a good one. I am doing pretty well.
Blitzen_Kidd Report | 07/05/2015 10:19 am
Cool avi!
Tina-Texas Report | 06/14/2015 8:21 pm
I get by the best I can with what I have. Things are paid for and I really can not complain too much. I have an iMac and iPhone, but never really had the need to the iPad yet. It is nice for if you want to run apps on the big screen and do things when you are away from the computer though.
Tina-Texas Report | 06/14/2015 7:47 pm
Much of the time if I am not on Gaia I am on Minecraft. I have a server I like to play most of the time I am on and have met a few friends that way too. Tillisnut knows more about that part. I rarely buy any new items on here anyway. Things have been well this weekend and hope things are good with you too.
Tina-Texas Report | 06/13/2015 7:52 pm
Don't get me started on Inflation. Kinda a pain since I look rich, but don't really have more buying power in the market. Pretty much supply and demand issue with too much gold and not enough sinks. I have quite a bit of gold on this account as well. I miss Zomg as well, but it was not able to be updated anymore and eventually went offline. Otherwise, I've been doing quite well.
Tina-Texas Report | 06/12/2015 8:35 pm
I've always been around. I'm on the main one more often. I think you still have tillisnut as well. smile
It's good to see you on again as well.


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