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Gender: Female

Equipped List

Side Quest

"I AM" Creatures

So far I have

Ace Meow
Ashen Werewolf
Bad Moon
Bamf the German Shepherd
Coyote Brothers
Death Whisper
Golden Belle
Milk the Cat
Moonlight Silverstene
Nochi the Black Wolf
Pantheracorax Agate
Shadow Werewolf
Siku the White Wolf
Smok the Baby Dragon
Stitches the Grick Embryonic Vial
Vampires Coffin

Currently Questing

Lobo the Grey Wolf
Copper Belle
Blue Belle
Fallen Wish
Carol of Ol' Ebenezer

How you can help

I am looking for EVERY "I AM" creature, so the donation of anything that I don't have is very welcome! A lot of "I AM" items are very affordable (and will make a nice X-mas gift >w< wink . If you would like to donate one, look for one I do not have on This List created by Kangit. if you are not sure if I have it or not, just use ctrl+f on my profile to search for it.

Thank you! ^ -^

Mah Fey-Wolf

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I've adopted a Fey-wolf!

Name: Nada

Likes: Bones and thunderstorms

Doesn't like: Sunshine

Owner: Colrayne

Original Artist

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Hiya, I'm Colrayne. Some people call me Col for short.

I live in Australia and I am in my early 20s. I enjoy Horror very much in almost any medium. I adore older horror movies and I love horror stories and games. I even do a bit of my own horror creation, I draw paint and sculpt monsters as a hobby. I also enjoy fantasy and sci-fi but I like my horror a lot more. I absolutely love Jason Voorhees.

I have been on Gaia before. I used to have an account back in '06 but unfortunately I forgot the password to it, but I didn't really find it much of a loss because I had nothing on that account anyway.

I am in a relationship, and I am happy. I am on Gaia to make new friends, nothing more. Please don't be a creeper and bother me about things I do not wish to get into. <3

That's about it for now, if you're interested and wanna know more about me just ask. I wont bite, unless you ask for photos then I may get nippy. >:[

Mini Quest!

Mini Questing

User Image Lobo the Grey Wolf

Dream Avatar Quest ♥

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Items needed

Sly the Black Fox

Because Sly is so ridiculously out of reach for me right now, I will be putting this quest on hold. >w<



3DS FC: 0602 6528 8469
Pokemon X Trainer: Blue
Friend Safari: Ground, Sandshrew, Camerupt, Diggersby
SV: 3997

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Currently Breeding
Tyrunt | Female or Male | Shiny | 4/5IV | EM: Dragon Dance, Ice Fang


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insane chocolatelover Report | 11/30/2013 9:47 pm
insane chocolatelover
thankyou for buying^^
dunsel Report | 09/29/2012 6:59 am
aw, glad I could help c:

nighty night~
dunsel Report | 09/29/2012 5:21 am
that's a lot of materials i don't have

one day though.
hopefully soon
dunsel Report | 09/29/2012 5:13 am
I want to make a Valtiel mask
; A ;
dunsel Report | 09/29/2012 4:59 am
ohh, latex
and full headed

very nice
dunsel Report | 09/29/2012 4:26 am
I have to do that on my laptop
theres duct tape over the lights

oh yeah, bet that was fun
dunsel Report | 09/29/2012 4:14 am
I just like it as dark as possible when I sleep
dunsel Report | 09/29/2012 4:07 am
It is now 7 am.

I should open my curtains.
Black-out curtains get me so confused sometimes.
User Image
dunsel Report | 09/29/2012 3:55 am
I'll surely do that
dunsel Report | 09/29/2012 3:48 am
the packs are my brother in law's
he made them both lol

hey what was that wolf item you just had on?