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Hi! My name ish Lilly, Im a girl(duhh), I'm 17, I HATE noobs , and no!I don't think noobs are newbies!But people who don't know how to use they're internet right! Eg.Cybering,Bullying,roleplaying stupidly or calling you a 'b***h' for no reason > sad ! I like.. well..LOVE..Animes and Manga! LOL! I'm a bit of a scene emo kid but NO! I am NOT bi! and uhhh ps... Im siingle...if ya want.. LOL Joking.. XDDD so..hmmm i guess thats all lol..

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I'm Coloash10's sister! :3

We are some of coloash10's best friends!! ;3

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I'm in an japonese art class, so i learned how to draw this! ^^ hope you like it

ME!!! ^^

A picture a draw of my imaginary bfs!! XDDD LOL

I'm Digo, Coloash10's RL Friend..!