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How to start this off.
Well, for starters, my name is Serenity, I'm 14, and I enjoy sleeping. I like eating food, and I love Tumblr. If you have a tumblr, thats pretty cool, check out my blog if you want.
Any questions or want to be my friend, go for it.


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Sammie OTule Report | 06/03/2012 5:16 pm
Sammie OTule
you have been reported and I will se to it that not only are my friends items returned BUT your IP is banned forever. Have a great day theif.
punchinpeaches Report | 05/31/2012 8:07 pm
I'm sorry to say this but I do not stand for people like you.
You hacked one of my friends, who's the friend you might be wondering? Does the username Hayate_Tenkaichi Son ring a bell?
Right now you might be thinking "Oh really now, you have no proof." But that's where your wrong. He's got a screen shot of his Gift History "supposedly" saying that he gave you his Inari's Beads which we all know is a ******** lie.
Your a hacker and like I said before I don't stand for people like you, hackers a just sad low lives of the internet world. He's already reported you and he has proof so there's no way getting out of this. The only thing that I can say to you right now is just give back the stolen item, have some common respect for other gaians like seriously immature much.
Oh and by the way your tumblr makes me laugh. Yeah that's right laugh, your gaia says your ******** 14 and yet your tumblr has a bunch of post of weed. Are you ******** kidding me? Seriously what has this generation come to? If you the type of person that likes/does weed then I already don't like you. Not because you like/do it but because you 14 and liking/doing it.
Do something better with your life.
RAFAEL456 Report | 05/04/2012 8:04 pm
o: what?
RAFAEL456 Report | 05/04/2012 12:33 pm
rafael+serenity= heart
<3333 ^^
RAFAEL456 Report | 05/02/2012 2:14 pm
O: who are you? i saw yur status :3
Thy Balls Report | 11/21/2011 3:31 am
Thy Balls
Thy Balls Report | 11/20/2011 4:57 pm
Thy Balls
i just say well ok bye cuz i did not no wat to talk bout ._.
Thy Balls Report | 11/18/2011 2:58 pm
Thy Balls
well idk wat to talk bout thats y i say well bye..
Thy Balls Report | 11/15/2011 8:51 pm
Thy Balls
umm how do i make u feel bad..
Thy Balls Report | 11/15/2011 12:49 am
Thy Balls
o ok if u want


<a href=" icons/jesseeyay/Icons/yousofunny.gif?o=109" target="_blank"></a> bye ...... or hi?


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