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I'm the type of woman who loves with all her heart and gives her very best to those she cares about. The type of woman who gives more chances than most people deserve. The type who believes that there is good in every person. Who keeps hopeful about things, knowing that I'm an idiot for it and doing it anyways. The type that will bring you a bowl of ice cream with candles in it at 5am on your birthday, just because I want to make it special. The type who will save the life of someone she cares about without a second thought, without a single thought about how I could be hurt.

I'm a nerd, a child at heart, a lover of laughter. I adore being around the people I love and love the people I adore. I have a tender heart and I get hurt easily, but few people see that. I'd do anything for the people I love. I'll put up with whatever amount of ridicule people dish out in order for me to be myself. I will stand up for myself and what I believe in.

I'm almost 22 years young and have a beautiful baby girl that was born on Oct. 6th, 2012. She's my whole world!


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Coffee no Sugar

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Coffee no Sugar

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A comment so I know where the box is! <3