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Hi my name is Jennie, but on gaia, only people
I really know and/or trust are the only ones who call
me that. Most people just call me by whatever
my username happens to be at the time but you can
call me by whatever you see fit. =D


On Tuesday, August 19th, 2008 a mod [i guess she was a
mod or someone who worked for gaia[[her username was orange]]
so anyways, I received a PM from her and today I read it. In it she
said that all my items from my account Cochava have been
recovered and told me to logout and click ''forgot login'' on
the login screen and put in your e mail address and she showed
me the it turned out that the email wasn't changed so
I was able to change my password and so now I have all of
my items back. <3 I was so worried that'd I would never get anything
back but I did =D i'm so happy....thank you to everyone
who donated to me.... if you do want your donations back send
me a PM on this account or my account Cochava....
this will probably be now be converted into my fall-back account
for if something like this ever happens again. =)
thank you so much Gaia for giving me all my stuff back <33
that stupid hacker won't bother me anymore =P

@@On Friday, August 1st, 2008 my account Cochava was
hacked, I lost everything I owned and was forced to this
account because the hacker changed my password and email
address. I lost about 113k in gold and probably about
300k worth items maybe even around 350k worth. Now, because
of this hacking, which happened only by pure luck....I've
never said my password or even put it in a fake login, he/she/it
must have made a lucky guess....=/
I don't like to ask for donations but if you do give me a
donation it would make me a very happy person, and I will
forever have you listed as a donator to me on my profile,
even if its just 1g, anything will help me to get
closer to getting my stuff back

@@On July, 25 [my birthday] I went to a concert called Warped Tour
and I got to spend the whole day with her....and my mom
sometimes too :3
While I was there, some random guy came up to me and help up a shirt in front of me, he said, ''you look like your a size small, want a free t-shirt? I grabbed myself the wrong size.'' and of course I
said yes, the shirt is awesome too I really like it.... =)
Then, while I was leaving the indoor stage after Katy Perry
was done playing, some random guy in his probably middle twenties
walks up to me and whispers ''I love you'' into my
I just stopped and was like..ah well.....thanks! and kept friend and me were cracking up laughing
Then, before we left we walked over to the vans tent.....I really
wanted some sort of hat to wear or something
and so I asked the guy how much the hat was.....of
course the hat was $10 and I only had $4 so I said
''aww man'' frowns ''I only have a dollar''
he told me to hold on and he finished with another customer
and said ''well you know what, I'll sell it to you for
a dollar'' and then as i picked up my purse to get out
my dollar he said ''you know what, just keep it....its free''
i was totally
and that ended my wonderful 14th birthday jam-packed
full of random wierd things and free stuff =D

@@My New Dream Avatar
User Image
Total Value: 5,850,298 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Steel-plated Ninja Band
Mythrill Halo
Powdered Sugarplum Tiara
Oculus Mythica
Horns of the Demon
Demonic Anklets
Bani Clips
Ancient Katana
striped stockings
both wristbands
pink sparkle empire dress

heart Undi <33 thankies for the 10k

*I do avi art*
name a price and what you want and I'll
see what I can do ;3

*background thingys too*


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Sweet_Little_Dollie Report | 08/20/2008 10:58 am
Sweet_Little_Dollie Report | 08/19/2008 5:55 pm
that's great news xd u can keep the golds i gave u ^,^
i T w i z z e r s Report | 08/19/2008 11:59 am
i T w i z z e r s
Congratulations!!! <3
Krombopulos Michael Report | 08/19/2008 10:53 am
Krombopulos Michael
Okay~ ^^
Krombopulos Michael Report | 08/19/2008 9:56 am
Krombopulos Michael
Yes! :U
Krombopulos Michael Report | 08/19/2008 9:16 am
Krombopulos Michael
Oh wow, that's great! c:
Rage-San Report | 08/19/2008 9:13 am
give me some gold biggrin
Rage-San Report | 08/19/2008 8:51 am
my legs died.
Krombopulos Michael Report | 08/18/2008 9:15 am
Krombopulos Michael
-clings to you-

That sucks. D:

Stupid a** hackers. D<
BeautifulXxXInsanity Report | 08/18/2008 5:12 am
Okay Jen you asked for it
-pulls out a condom cannon-
-fires a ball of condoms at you-


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Total Value: 5,850,298 Gold


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