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stuttering in and out of quotation with the absence of any sense but a notion not stong enough to budge even an inch

so i like words and i love to express them yeah yeah music is i actually have a tattoo with music notes [jimi hendrix riff to purple haze] i go to the forums to just talk because its funny

"one good thing about music, when it hits, you feel no pain" - marley

the name is dia but you can call me captian
i am very...

daydreams of horror movies

an official note of a note

or an astrik on life
a comma on a sentence and a period on the end.
but i havnt stop thinking so i havnt stopped writing
and i havnt stopped dreaming so ill continue on flying
or pressing on to the next
and never a burden always the kepper
with the weight of the sun layed out on my back
simmering so slightly over the excess
leaving this
what hesitates in my heart
what sleeps on the brain
resides in a corner of my soul
leaves me speechless until i cant write anymore

sounds of settling


oh dang
lets bang.

i love him.