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Birthday: 09/13

I see you~ > u>


Well, 'ts me >0>

A somewhat lazy, derpy uni student with mercurial interests and very short attention span. I like chatting with people, but also 80% awkward and 20% shy so ya that works out great doesn't it.

Things I like on this site:

    ◉ zOMG (especially smeb, ym, and dollhouse)
    ◉ LK but mostly for the gold and RIGs lol
    ◉ Honorable mention for Heralds of Chaos I loved this game </3
    ◉ Making avis
    ◉ Achievement Hunt (I'll help with yours too!)
    ◉ Aaaaand cresolae (they're cute sue me >:V)

Things I like in general:

    ◉ Movies
    ◉ Games - I'm mostly in for the lore but I do fangirl about the gameplay and character stat etc a lot. I especially love RPG and indie horror.
    ◉ Anything animated
    ◉ Drawing (and looking at arts <3)
    ◉ Reading... but mostly comics and webtoon cause short attention span xD
    ◉ Also, CATS AND DOGS

Current muse: Avengers, Little Nightmares, BNHA, MP100, DGM, The Gamer

Feel free to PM/comment, I don't bite emotion_omnomnom

Annoying lil lexy

Lil' bro o3o

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