Hello all my name is Paige
I am 20 years old
I live in Australia
and is taken
I love Pop, Techno and Dance music but I am really up to anything as long as its not hard cord metal
Favourite bands I have two are t.A.T.u and Daft Punk
and favourite singer is Shaggy
I am a complete Cat Lover but since I moved out of home I do not have any cats at the moment....
I absolutely love making Anime Music Videos, the current animes I use are Peach Girl and Ouran High School Host Club
Absolutely love the colour Lime Green
Hate capsicum, cigerettes and being forced to do things that I believe well ain't true
I am a something who can't lie whatsoever
I really hope you enjoyed reading my page and I hope we can be friends

heart Donations heart
Thanks Marl Mask for the Mwee the Dragon whee

I have a youtube account, and you are welcome to view it.


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Your welcome

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Thanks for the birthday wish,
& sorry if I replied late xP
Bee Honing

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Bee Honing

Thank You for Buying! *^-^*
Bleak Life

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Bleak Life

ahh i thought i recognized your avatar, but you changed your profile, so i got confused. i like how you put in the videos smile haa
Bleak Life

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Bleak Life

it is neither of those things smile
Bleak Life

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Bleak Life

ahh that's ok smile
Bleak Life

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Bleak Life

"love love love" by epik high. or any other ones. i had posted in one of your threads redface
Bleak Life

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Bleak Life

did you ever listen to those love love songs? smile what did you think
Bleak Life

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Bleak Life

ok hi! i want to talk to you later. you seem cool, but i have to be busy with working right now, so i will have to think of something later. please say hi if you want sweatdrop

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No problem, If you ever find yourself needing a purple-stuff buyer again, let me know ;D


Australian, 20, Taken, Loves Random PMs