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1. Whats your name? (first) chloe
2. How much gold do you have? 8138
3. How much gold would you like to have? 200000 that be awesome
4. Whats your favorite Item? on gaia my bow in my hair i always has in on
5. Whats your favorite evolving item? idk
6. How long have you been on gaia? 1820 days
7. How old are you? 15
8. Do you like being that age? yes
9. If you could choose an age, what would it be? 6
10. Do you have any siblings yes
11. If so, do you like them? yes i love them
12. Whats your favorite food? spagetti
13. Can you cook that food yourself? yaa
14. Whats your favorite restaraunt? sylvan street grille
15. What country do you live in? usa
16. If the USA, what state? massachusetts
17. Would you like to move? not at all
18. If yes on the last question, where to? i want to stay here
19. Do you like snow? yes
20. Do you like summer or winter better? both but summmer a little bit more
21. Spring or Fall? spring
22. Whats your favorite holiday? halloween
23. Whats your favorite number? 18
24. Favorite letter of the alphabet? z
25. angel or devil? devil

26. fly by plane or go by boat? i hate both im scared of planes trains boats and some bugs
27. Do you like flying at all? if i was a superhero and that my power YES but by planes terrified and by helicopter never been on one but i dont want to
28. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? california
29. What language do you wish you could speak? i dont care
30. which one, rock climbing or wind surfing? rock climbing
31. black or white? black
32. in color or black and white. black and white
33. most memorable moment? have no idea
34. do you wear perfume/cologne(yes/no)? yes somtimes
35. If so, what scent/brand do you wear? um fruity ness
36. Do you like the oposite sex to wear perfume/colonge? um yaa a little not alot or i would like gag
37. Are you allergic to anything? nope
38. Are you thinking you'll finish this quiz? maybe
39. Every play the game truth or dare? yaa
40. What was the worst dare that you were told to do? the person told me to grab on to there moms leg and tell them i love them and i did it that was so awkward
41. Do you lie to your parents? yup
42. What was the last thing you lied about? going to the beach with my friend
43. Do you know all your prior presidents names? no
44. Who was the 24th president? dk
45. Who was in office for 12 years? idk
46. Did you just look those last 2 answers up on google or another site? no i dident even care to think about it
47. Do you have a dream avi? no
48. Whats the most expensive item you have? ill check......
49. What does "brb" stand for? b e right back

50. What does "lawl" stand for?um cant remember
51. Name a celebrity off the top of your head? victoria justice but thats becuase shes singing her annoyingn song on my tv right now i hate her
52. Has this person played in any movies? um sorta
53. Is this celebrity married/divourced or single? um idk she might have a boyfriend but i feel bad for him
54. Would you like to meet this person? not at all
55. What are you wearing right now? jeans and a blue shirt
56. What is the current time? 12:02 pm
57. How many items are on your wishlist? only 2
58. Whats your favorite song? it changes weekly but right now its Colette Carr - (We Do It) Primo
59. Does this song remind you of anything? not really
60. Do you have a gf/bf? yup
61. How tall are you? idk im tall though
62. Are you gaining any gold? yaa
63. How many pages is this quiz now? 1
64. What brand of shoe do you wear? converese
65. Do you prefer boots or shoes? shoes
66. Whats your favorite color? blue purple and indigo
67. Have i repeated any questions? yes
68. Do you know where the name teddy bear came from. no
69. do you like stuffed animals or beanie babies? yaa from my child hood
70. jig-saw puzzle or rubix cube? rubix cube
71. Newspaper or Magazine? magazine
72. How long is your hair? couple inches past my shoulders
73. What color is your hair? light brown
74. Have you colored your hair at all? nope its all natural

75. Do you have any messengers? um idk
76. Would you ever PM me? no
77. Have you ever donated before? idk
78. How many times have you traded? uh 7 times
79. Have you been in the cinema's? yes
80. Do you hate how you can't go into 11-20 cinema's? i dont really go into the cinemas
81. Have you ever been hacked? no im smart enough to not let people trick me into giving my password
82. If you have, what did you lose? nothing i was never hacked
83. Do you have a myspace? ya
84. Do you have facebook? yes im always on it
85. Do you have your own computer/laptop? no
86. Are you a good or bad person? idk good
87. Why are you a good or bad person (reason) idk
88. Ever been suspended from school? yaa alot of times
89. What is your favorite book? i dont read
90. Why is it your favorite book (reason)? i dont read
91. What was/is your favorite toy to have in the bathtub? i dont play with things in the bathtub
92. Do you know what the Bush doctrine is? no?
93. Whats a resolution you have for the new year? i dont do resoulutions
94. Whats your favorite T.V show? i ike alot of shows
95. How many hours do you spend online each day? alot
96. What's your favorite disney princess or vilian? idk
97. What was the last movie you saw in theaters? diary of a wimpy kid the movie
98. Ever like fluffy bunnies or any other animal? no
99. Are you bored of this quiz? no im doing this for fun

100. Do you play sports(yes/no)? no
101. What sport do you play? i dont play sports much
102. How long have you played that sport? o minites
103. Are you wanting to go pro? no
104. Do you have a Cell phone? no and im mad about it
105. Ever been stalked before? idk maybe
106. Ever been thrown a suprise party? no
107. When was your last birthday party? i went to or had and ether way i gots no idea
108. How many friends do you have on gaia? like 100
109. Do you prefer pepsi or coke? coke i hate how pepsis stealing alll of cokes ideas on the comecials
110. from the last question, would that one beat Dr. Peper? yes
111. What color are your walls in your room? neon green
112. Do you have any pets(yes/no)? yes
113. How many pets do you have, and what are they? i have 3 cats
114. Do you get along with your parents? sorta i like my dad but not my mom i hate my mom so much
115. What was the best gift you've recieved? my bike AND SOME FREAK STOLE IT im mad about that but then i got a new bike
116. Are you listening to music right now? yes i always am
117. How many gaia accounts do you have? 1
118. When was the last time you took a shower? today
119. Are you wearing a hat or scarf? no
120. Scooby doo or Scooby Dumb? um i hate scooby doo
121. Do you like Scrappy Doo? idk what that is
122. Daphny or Velma? what
123. Fred or Shaggy? i hate that show
124. Have you ever seen "that 70's show"? yes

125. If so, who's your favorite from it? fez
126. Do you text or call people more? call i dont have a cell phone
127. iPod or MP3? ipod
128. Shrek or Donkey? what
129. Ever watch all three movies of Shrek?yup
130. Which one was your favorite? i hate them all
131. Harry potter or Twilight? i hate both
132. If harry potter which book is better? i dont read
133. If Twilight, which book is better? i dont read
134. Which harry potter movie thats outs, do you like more? i hate those movies
135. Who is your favorite character from Harry Potter (not actor)? I HATE THAT MOVIE STOP ASTING ANNOYING QUESTIONS
136. Daniel Radcliffe or Tom Felton (harry or draco)? huh??
137. Emma watson or Bonnie Write (hermione or Ginny)? huh??
138. Do you like Edward from Twilight? no hes ugly
139. Why are you still doing this quiz? cause i need money
140. Write the alphabet from A-Z in different Posts.. yaa no
141. Write your User name by each letter in different posts.. uh huh no
142. Did you really do the last 2 questions?no
143. Did you see the movie "camp rock" (yes/no)? yes
144. Did you like it? not really
145. Who's your favorite Jonas brother? joe
146. Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise? i hate both
147. T.V show "Friends" or "The Office"? um neither
148. Which one "Bruce Almighty" or "Evan Almighty 2"? both suck
149. Do you like Jim Carrey? no

150. Are you into comedy? yes
151. Rap or Hip Hop? hip hop
152. Rock or R&B? rock
153. Gold or Silver? silver
154. Necklace or bracelet? braclet
155. Dog taggs or Chains? chains
156. Lefty or Righty (writing hand)? righty
157. Do you wear glasses or contacts? no
158. Shorts or Pants? pants
159. Do you listen to the radio? no
160. The Beatles or The Beach Boys? beatles
161. Are you Straight/Bi/ or Gay? no
162. Did you agree to the marrige law? huh
163. Do you like our new president? no
164. Did you want McCain to win? no
165. When bored, did you ever write on yourself with pen? yes
166. Are you sarcastic? sometimes
167. Do you sing in the shower? no!
168. Do you dance randomly? yes
169. Ever been caught dancing randomly? yes
170. Did you ever perform in a school talent show? i wanted to but my dance was too weird for the person that was running it
171. Do you watch American Idol? a long time ago
172. Do you watch "So You Think You Can Dance? no
173. Do you crack your fingers or "pop"? crack
174. Do you have any cousins? yes

175. Do you like your cousins? yes
176. What are you doing or what did you do for thanksgiving? i sat at my table and ate
177. Are you excited for Christmas? noooooooooo!! i ******** HATE CHIRSMAS if you like it go die IN A DAM HOLE!!!!!!1
178. Do you know the actual spirit of christmas? NOOO s**t FACE
179. Have you ever run into a screen door? yes
180. Have you ever broke a bone , which one? no
181. What color cast did you have ? i never had a cast
182. Ever sit on a tac? no?
183. Ever pull a prank on someone? yes
184. What was the prank you pulled? idont remember
185. Can you multi task?somtimes it depends what im multitasking
186. Do you like to bowl? ya
187. What was your highest score? id remember
188. Do you play cards? yaa a little
189. What are you questing for? huh
190. Skii or Snowboard? snowboard but i cant do anything im a clutz
191. bathing suitsSwimming pool or ocean? ocean all the way
192. one piece or two piece(girls) speedo or swim trunks(guys)?? um i hate bathing suits
193. Swimming pool or Jacuzzi(hot top)? huh
194. Blind date or actual date? actual date
195. Single date or double date? single date
196. Flowers or Chocolate, (to give, or recieve)? flowers
197. Funniest pick up line you've used/heard? idk
198. Who was your first kiss? billy
199. Do you remember ever second of that day? i guess sorta

200. Does your bedroom have a window? yes three
201. How many text's do you send each month? i dont got a cell phone
202. cell phone or computer? cell phone you can go on the computer with your cell phone
203. Do you feel the computer makes you procrastinate? ya
204. Do you watch the news?no
205. Are you worried about your future? no not really
206. What is your current mood? bored
207. Do you own a flash drive? no
208. Can you drive?no im not old enough
209. If you can, do you have a car? no but i want a punch bugy
210. How long have you been able to drive? o seconds
211. Do you have a permit or license? no
212. the Moon or the Sun? um moon
213. Day or night? night
214. Cold weather or warm weather? warm weather
215. Ever been on a cruise? no i dont like boats
216. If so which cruise? nothing
217. Do you find someone people really annoying? YES!
218. Whats your favorite activity?idk
219. Whats your favorite radio station? i dont listen to the radio
220. If you had a certain power, what would it be? mind reading
221. Being able to fly or teleport? fly
222. dark or light? light
223. cat or dog? kittty
224. Did you ever go to the zoo? not really ive only gone once my entire life and that was a fourth grade field treip

225. Ever go on a school trip out of state? no
226. City bus or school bus? school bus
227. Do you have photoshop? no
228. Brownies or Cake?brownies
229. Favorite dessert? ice cream
230. Favorite breakfast meal? fruity pebbles
231. Favorite dinner meal? spagetti
232. Do you get mad often? yes
233. How many bf's/gf's have you had? 4
234. How late do you usually stay up? idl late
235. Who's your favorite super hero? i dont have one
236. Have you ever beaten up someone? yes
237. Were you ever beaten up? no
238. Were you ever bullied around? no
239. How many times has your family moved? never ive lived in the same house my entire life so far
240. Are you an organized person? not really
241. When was the last time you were outside? today a coulple hours ago
242. Do you lock the door to your room? i dont have a lock on my door sadly
243. Do you have a sign on your door? ya with my name on it
244. Do you know who Dane Cook is? no
245. If i said blue , what would you respond? my fav color
246. Do you like going to the doctor?not really
247. Do you like going to the dentist? no not at all
248. When was your last shot you had to get? last summer
249. How much money is in your purse/wallet? i dont has no purse or wallet and i dont got no money right now i spent it

250. Are you a photogenic person? ya
251. Whats your favorite amusement park? canobie lake park
252. Do you like roller coasters? it depends
253. Do you like water rides more then bumper cars? bumber cars
254. Would you get in trouble if your parents found you up late?no
255. Will you be going to High school Prom? yes
256. How early do you get to school? 7:00
257. Do you like any of your teachers? ya one
258. Would you be upset/mad if school was all year long? yes
259. Would you rather have year round school.. so only like 3 weeks of summer? no
260. Have you ever climbed a mountain(gone hiking)? kinda i went hiking but its not a mountain
261. Ever sing kareoke? no
262. If you could have a wild animal as a pet, what would it be? atiger
263. A sweater or sweat shirt? sweat shirt
264. A hoodie or no hood ie? hoodie
265. Do you like bugs? it depends on the bug
266. milk or chocolate milk? choclate milk
267. Chocolate Chip cookies or oreo's? choclate chip cookies
268. Santa or the Sand man? what I HATE CHIRMAS but i dont know who sand man is so idk
269. Father time or Mother Nature? mother nature
270. Wind or Fire (which element)? fire
271. Do you like the rain? yes i love iit
272. Ever build something? no
273. Ever build a snow man? yes
274. Ever been to the Mall of America in Minnesota? no i live in massachusetts

275. Ever been to Sixx Flaggs? no six flags sucks
276. Ever fart during class? no
277. Do you get nervice when your in front of the class? no not at all
278. Can you believe that your almost a quarter of the way through? no
279. What are you thinking right now? that yor stupid
280. Do you like rainbows? no
281. Do you like anime? idk what that is
282. Do you draw any good?yes
283. If you saw a homless guy on the streets, what would you do? give him money
284. Do you help out in any charity's? no
285. Ever have to do community survice? no
286. Does your internet act up all the time? no not all the time
287. How many posts have you done now? 1
288. How much gold have you gained? 0 so far
289. Would you ever fly up to the moon? no i dont like the sound of being in a rocket
290. Ever embarasse yourself in front of someone you like? yes
291. Do you studder when you speak sometimes? no
292. Are you a good speller? no
293. Whats your favorite class for school? art
294. Do you live in a home/apartment without your parents? no
295. Are you hungry? no
296. What was the last thing you ate? coco pebbles
297. What color are your eyes? greenish blue
298. Could you guess what mine are? um brown
299. What grade are you in at school? its summer


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i love you sexy heart heart heart
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hey baby i love you heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart
HerroMe Report | 10/28/2010 12:05 pm
hey cloe you arent on much Dx
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go to that link
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5.ask me what i want for breakfast then make it and grab some clotes to u and tell u dont think bad because were are friends... rolleyes
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i like ur avi! biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin
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since idk u 5,7 and ummmmmmmm ya ur dirty!!!! rofl rofl rofl rofl heart rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl
bananas1482 Report | 08/20/2010 5:17 pm
cool avi
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nice avi
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ahhhhhh this is me profile ahhhhhhhhhhh

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this is my best frined ever seriously click her and youll see how much were friendds we love each other and by that i mean as best friends were not lesbians

MY CHIBIhis name is alex hes a boy he loves food and gets bored esily he is in love with a girl named amila hes obbsessed with his hair he checks it every five minutes and keeps a miror in his pocket has a little brother named max he is 17 but he still has fun doing little kid things his birthday is on july 13 hes really popular had his first kiss at 11 witha girl named abby he hardly cares about what he wares loves to play video games and hang out with his friends thinks selena gomez is hot loves school and is smart but he loves school because of his friends and hes not so smart that he isint fun he just smart enough to get b's and hes just plain out awesmefav food: tacos fav color: green and purplefav kind of music: rock and really fast dancing songs fav thing to do: sleepfav board game: monopolyfav video game: mostly killing gamesleast fav food: sushileast fav color: yellow and pinkleast fav kind of music:country least fav thing to do: move alotleast fav board game: yatcheleast fav video game: those learning games

please comment on my chibi i spent forever finding him a personalaty

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