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Visual Kei, Oshare Kei, Gay/Bi Slots, Sexy Boys, Litteracy, Myse


Do I want something?



Welcome to my page, dearie. Read on.

Since you all insist on me being a conformist. Even though i'm not. If I was, I wouldn't be the only ******** person in my grade to like Visual Kei and Gaia. D< *please PM me if you have any questions or you wanna be flamed =D*

I'll tell you about myself.

Name: Rice.Crakah.Cracker.Pingu. Many other things. No. I dont like derogatory terms. I'm Asian. Not White. I'll tell you something I like. Rice Crackers. *rolls eyes*
Age: Pm me. Take a guess. If you guess wrong, I get to poke you to death! >D
Height: 5'2 and a half. Stfu.
Weight: I dare you to guess. *gets gun*
Nationality: Chinese. And proud.

heart heart heart heart


heart heart heart heart

Likes: Visual kei. In case you didn't hear that: Visual kei. Gazette. Alice Nine. An Cafe. Shido/Sid/Xing dou. KuRt. Miyavi. Jay Chou. Rain. Boys. Nice women. People who can spell. Grace. Things that are pretty. Moonlight. Japan. China. Korea. ((Not North Korea...)) I like swearing with my friends. It makes me happy. Regulars in the Gay/Bi Slots! ((You are the reason I stay on Gaia. I love you guys and 2 girls. <3))

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Hates: You. xD Na... I'm joking. If your a noob/n00b... not so much. My friends. Everyone in my school. Racists. Retards. Asian-haters. If you hate me. I'd probably dont hate you. Unless I hate you. Then I hate you. If that made any sence. I hate socks. I hate running in the sun alone. I love to play sports sports. Sleep. ((god. I hate sleep. F it.)) People who are blond and go, "Ofmz!! I br0ke a na1l! Wa2 sle3p with me?! Wan2 hav secks!?" I hate whores. Main point. I hate celebreties who are like that. More to come. There is too much.

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If anyone noticed. I like Visual Kei. If anyone noticed, Dir En Grey isn't on my Like list... Think about it... *wears armor* Dont send me nasty PMS. D<

heart heart heart heart

Loves: I LOVE EMO RICE! *jumps* I love ya Slippy, Maddy, Icy Bubble, and Emo Rainbow. You guys are my favorite people! =3

Slippy-Your awesome. I love you. xD End of paragraph.

Dot and Crush-..... <3 *giggle* *jumps u pand down* I love you two. <3

Icy-You are smarter than me by 100 percent! Your also the best little sister. Your seriously the genious. She also is the Bass player in our future Visual kei band. So Ha. Your hilarious. You pone me in

Emo-Your the happiest person I know. I love you. <3 Your my Emo rice.

heart heart heart heart

Band Info:

When I'm older I'm going to have a band. >D A visual kei band. >D For women... and men. >D So here is the info so far:
Guitarist-.[ Shiko ].

If you are intrested in joining, please contact me in a PM and I will give you my SN, ect. about information+instrument, and initiation... >DD xD Jk.

heart heart heart heart

Rules for being my friend:

1.) L1t3rate plz.
2.)Dont be stupid.
3.)Dont flame me.
4.)No begging for gold and/or hacking me. GOD. I HATE BEING HACKED. Retards. *psh*
5.)Please tutor me in math.
6.)NO CHAINS. IF YOU CHAIN, I WILL: 1. Ignore you. 2. Hate you. 3. Report you. :3 Sounds fun. Wanna send me one?
7.)Last and most important. Know me.

heart heart

I will DENY AND IGNORE you if I dont know who the hell you are. I'll also tell a random friend (yes. One friend) about you. We will laugh at you. If your lucky, he or she will PM you and yell at you. xD


I LOVE GAZETTE. I love Aoi, Reita, Ruki, Uruha, and Kai. <3

I LOVE SHIDO. I love Shinji, Aki, Mao, and Yuuya. <3

I LOVE AN CAFE. I love Miku, Teruki, Bou, and Kanon. <3



I LOVE EMO RICE! *jumps* I love ya Slippy, Crush, Dot, Maddy, Icy Bubble, and Emo Rainbow. You guys are my favorite people! =3

~Donators-I LOVE YOU:

[x]homocidal oreo~
Abusive Mana -->She donated me 2k! =00! BOW BEFORE HER.
RyuAkio -->70 Flowers! BOW BEFORE HIM.


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