I'm not perfect, but who is?
I say things I probably shouldn't,
I trip over nothing but air,
I hurt people without knowing,
I make stupid mistakes,
I forget to do things,
and I often drive people away.

But I am good at some things.
I can draw,
I can write stories and poetry,
I play softball with a passion,
I make people laugh with stupid jokes,
I play a clarintet with skill,
and I get good grades, but am made fun of for it.

I wish upon shooting stars,
I chase silly dreams,
I hope for the impossible,
I wear my heart on my sleeve,
and I'm happy being me.

I'm smart,
I'm funny,
I'm kind,
I'm generous,
I'm teased,
I'm hurt,
I'm misjudged,
and I'm forgiving.

I love my family,
I love my friends,
I love my pets,
I love my home,
and I love my life.