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Im a pretty cool person if you really no the real me. If you put me down or hurt my feeling without knowing it i tend to get emotional about it and keep it inside untill it eventually comes out and its not pretty.Im an examing person, i analyze everything in my own special way. yeah, i can say i have some issues but i dont brag about them because im not an open person and i dont like to feel like i need attention.Ive always been by myself when i was little so i keep to myself.I play the guitar, an awesome instrument i love as a hobbie. Im wierd and consider myself un-normal at random times when im hyper which is not quite that often but out of the ordinary. I like to read any books with drama and adventure just to get out of my world and into someone elses.Im a really nice caring person and would do almost anything just to make my friends happy or family.heh my familys are pretty crazy. On my dad side i got two uncles i really look up to and a grandma i love as much as if she were my own mom and a grandpa like no other.On my moms side i have this crazy cousin named Elizabeth that i love con todo mi corazon, all my little rascal cousins, loca tiaz, and the people who changed alot of everything, my mom and dad. I have a good life i guess you can say but there is only one person that makes life better and thats my sister Yesenia, shes my everything. For her i would sacrifice my life if anything happened. This is melissa 16 (molly)


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Jane4lle Report | 12/12/2011 4:52 pm
Cool dress.
Krystal_Blue_Eyez Report | 11/29/2011 11:18 pm
Thank you for buying! I hope you will continue shopping at Bargain Central.
delicious gumdrops Report | 11/27/2011 7:42 am
delicious gumdrops
Thank you for buying the Alice In Wonderland Mad Hatters Hat from my store. <33
Siresin Report | 10/26/2008 6:41 pm
Siresin Report | 10/17/2008 4:48 pm
dude i hope you read this soon. Hey call me man if you can please i wanna know if your ok. Please call as soon as you can i'm kinda worried, Dont worry if its like 3 in the morning trust me i'm up k.
Syresin Report | 09/24/2008 5:29 pm
wassup mah ***** this is jose
Siresin Report | 07/06/2008 2:21 pm
COOL!!! Thanx dude!!! I'm gonna try and save up so I can get u something. Sorry if it takes long I'm kinda broke at the moment lol.
Siresin Report | 06/25/2008 3:10 pm
Hey do you know how to give people a presant? I dont know how. I want to give you something but how the hell do I do it? Oh and did you give me this crown? Cuz someone gave it to me but it didn't say from who.
Siresin Report | 06/24/2008 5:41 pm
Oh yeah I love your profile! It's loveless XD
Siresin Report | 06/24/2008 5:06 pm
Not doing much really. Lol its not yucki its so freakin awesome, Bill and his Hottess. I'm more of the Tom person myself though. Nope sorry dude I have no clue how to put music on your profile. I think you have to attatch it to like about me or someing on your account page idk.


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