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Stuff about my life, stuff I feel like posting and info on Insane Gaming. :P

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Bladed Pheonix Report | 04/11/2009 3:38 pm
Bladed Pheonix
What up dude.
Did you actually get banned?
And what about our guild?
donut76 Report | 08/14/2007 7:22 am
ThisAccountIsBABIES Report | 08/10/2007 8:02 pm
Hey, CIWY.
donut76 Report | 07/26/2007 1:50 pm
FairMaidenZelda Report | 07/24/2007 9:36 pm
Post in the guild please... The Game Over Society, or You will be Banned.
NIGHTMARE SYNDR0ME Report | 07/22/2007 1:13 pm
So is this 'widi' guild still active?
K800i Report | 07/18/2007 3:26 am
i want ur sword!!
Xth_Mode_Kite Report | 07/14/2007 3:33 am
Awesome avi!
donut76 Report | 07/12/2007 5:26 pm
im commenting on peoples profiles to get gold to buy tickets but if anyone who reads this i need tickets and could you please help me
Insane Gaming Forums Report | 07/11/2007 6:23 am
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Wow... I didn't understand a word you just said. User Image

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(Thanks to Hylian_Legend and Katsu-pon for the art! heart )

....Yeah. This is my "about" page thing. Uh, I guess you want some info on meh, right?

My name is Chris. CIWY stands for Chris Is Watching You.
NO, I AM NOT A *****]. >_> I made the name up 2 years ago. mad P:
.....Anyway. I'm 14 years old and I'm about to graduate from 8th grade. (2 more weeks. >_> wink
I live in the U.S., but thats pretty much all I'll tell you, you dirty little *****. :O
My parents are currently divorced, which is the reason why I can't just go on WiFi every day, since my mom is pretty much a cavewoman. mad D
My mom was born in Sweden and my Dad was born in East New York, known as one of the toughest areas of all of New York City. (Brooklyn razz ) My Dad's family is all from Italy.
If you want to image what I look like, I'm pretty short for my age; I'm 5 foot 4, with blue eyes and a little dirty blonde hair. I kind of have an accent; I'm not sure what it is though. It sounds like some Scandinavian from Staten Island. mad D (I'm from Staten Island, but moved when I was 7) and thats all I'll tell about that very personal stuff. mad P:

But you ask, "Gamer?". Yes. I got my first video game as a graduation present in Kindergarten. It was a Game Boy Color with Pocket Bomberman.

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(Me and Hylian_Legend heart )

My favorite games usually are Action-Adventure, First-Person Shooters, MMOs, and most importantly the RPG.

My second favorite thing to do is read manga. My favorites are Tsubasa, Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto and Death Note. I have about 35 books in my room, but I mostly read them at Borders or any bookstore.

My current favorite movie is Borat, next to 300. I'm not really sure what my all-time favorite is.

TV shows.... Nowadays I spend most of my time with TV watching G4 and Comedy Central. My Favs are X-Play and South Park as well as Scrubs and Attack of the Show. I also like Robot Chicken, shown on Adult Swim.

MUSIC? I'm mostly into Alternative or what some of you call Punk. My top faves are Panic! At the Disco, Fallout Boy, Finger Eleven, All American Rejects and Linkin Park. I've been started to be interested in a band called Asian Kung-fu Generation, a band that did the opening music for a season of Naruto and Fullmetal Alchemist.

I own a website, as well as a forum. The forum is made by Proboards, which I have been relying on for more than a year; not too long from when I've been on Gaia. 3nodding
My website is called Insane Gaming. If you're interested, click the banner to my homepage, made by Freewebs, which I've been used to for about 2 years. ^_^

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