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Note I used to be Dreamy Sundrops and Haruna Mochizuki. All arts with this signed name are created by me.

The Dreamy Sundrops currently is my Mule.

Thoughts and Dreams

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Sour and Sweet are the days of Citrus

A Day's momento

(─‿‿─)Music to my Ears

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About the Sweet and Sour Girl

Ci t r u s A t t a c k XD

You can call me Citrus <3.

User ImageI used to be
Haruna Mochizuki & Dreamy Sundrops

More about me. I love
art. I also love my friends like

NewbAttackxD, Daft Audio,
Daisuke Suzuki, emo_sapphire,
Twingemini83, Shuseii, The Occasional
Annoyance and aton more.
been there for me fora long time.
I'm not going to threaten you to not
be mean to them. That would mean
that I don't acknowledge them as strong people.

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Enjoy yourself, if you can <3! Anyway,
I hope you have a nice day
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Thank you very much!
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